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Have you recently gone down a nostalgia trip?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) November 19th, 2009

What was it about? What was the experience like? How did it start (browsing the web, old photos, diary/journal, day-dreaming)? What is so intriguing about them? Or do you not find them that exciting?

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Ever night before I go to sleep. It takes me a long time to slow my mind down so I often rethink my life-not always conducive to rest!

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Yes! Nostalgia Chick and Nostalgia Critic.

They review movies I’ll never forget…mostly for being so awesomely terrible.

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My whole life is a nostalgia trip.

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Just did on this question Now I’m having a sad day.

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Oh, did you mean actually traveling or a “head trip?”

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Every day when the schoolbus rounds the corner at 3 p.m., I still expect someone to be getting off it and coming home for a “snack.”

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@Judi now that you mention it, either!

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Yes, every time I wash my balls.

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I love story – telling; I visit the past often, and enjoy it!

Many of my questions on Fluther are nostalgic in nature…my ‘trips’ are self-induced.

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Whenever I reread a good book.

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