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"Does anyone know if the Air Force has any jobs that are Humanitarian ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) November 19th, 2009

Does anyone know if the Air Force has any jobs that are Humanitarian ?

Like something that I would be dealing with people interacting, as opposed to sitting in a desk, or working with computers or machinery ?

Does anyone know about Photojournalism in the Air Force also ?

I would like to find a job that deals with me interacting with people, helping them, maybe as a counselor, or talking with them, etc.

If anyone has any experience or input please let me know thanks

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Recruiters can provide aptitude tests for you which will verify or deny or offer you new ‘choices’ for contributions which you might make to the Air Force or….

Talk with them… do not be snowed by them; there is no rush. Make no written commitments . Follow up honestly if they ask you to return for another talk after you have thought about it.

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Look at the list of available jobs here

You’d probably want to focus on things like Public Affairs, Services, Manpower, Medical (specifically mental health), Chaplain Assistant, etc.

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What @StellarAirman said. There are always jobs for dealing with people in the Air Force, because the Air Force is made up of people, not just airplanes and weapons.

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You need to find out from the list that have been provided by the other answer, as to what job you may be interested in, do research , ask your recruiter , maybe if possible find people in the Air Force who had that job or something that might interest you.

Now lets say you find a job that you decide suits you best. You need to know what scores you will need on your ASVAB in order to qualify for that particular job.

I am trying to find a wesbite with the scores needed for certain jobs.

Basically its broken to

M , Mechanical
A , Administrative
G , General
E , Electronic

I would recommend taking a practice test or a practice ASVAB if you can. Because to determine those 4 scores its a mix of the 9 part test of the ASVAB

I don’t know all the details, but I just took the ASVAB at MEPS I be re-taking it, but I looked and I qualify for most of the jobs I wanted. That’s up to you.

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