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What are some great jobs in the Air Force for people with Asperger's Syndrome?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1164points) December 30th, 2009

The Air Force is the brains of the military. Aspies have potential to thrive well in it.

List of famous Aspies:

If plenty of Aspies can thrive like so in the civilian world, then Aspies can sure as hell make a difference in the military world.

Now, what are some ideal Air Force jobs for people with Asperger’s?

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I suppose it depends on the proclivities and skills of the person – why single them out as having Aspergers?

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@frdelrosario A recruiter’s job is to win people over. That requires social (persuasion) skills. Therefore, aren’t you telling me the opposite of what an Air Force Aspie ought to be?

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It seems that people with Asperger’s Syndeome have great attention to detail, so would air traffic controller be a good one?

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According to Temple Grandin, who is herself a high functioning person on the Autism Spectrum, they do exceptionally well at jobs requiring a great deal of technical expertise. Anything requiring greater than average attention to detail. A field with clearly defined parameters.

Electrical engineers, computer specialists would be a few examples.

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I would say you’d be better off in the Navy :P

Seriously though, both branches have highly technical fields that Aspies do quite well in. Some of the Navy ones go into Nuclear Propulsion; the best place for them. Both have various electronics specialties as well, though the Navy has more to offer those with more of a mechanical mindset.

Personally, I was an Electricians Mate, though I did a bit of “cross-rate” training as well so I understand the boilers, steam turbines, diesel engines, and other things related to the electrical system that really don’t qualify as “electrical engineering”.

That and the Navy uniforms look a lot better :D

Good luck getting UAV operator. Check this

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Asperger’s is one of the un-waivable disqualifications for military service. You can be honest beforehand and not get in or you can lie, get in, get found out, and the best case scenario then is that you get kicked out. You might be jailed or have other consequences.

I told you all of this here. You can continue to ignore it, but its not going to change.

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I have a high school buddy who is Aspie/brilliant; he was hired by the Air Force to run a large computer unit. He held the job until he retired; apparently he was doing the work of 10 people…of course, he was a work-aholic and had no social life.

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It seems that a technician would take the spot for best job in the air force. Fixing a plane might be the perfect way to exercise.

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@avvooooooo – There would be NO reason an Aspie couldn’t hold a position in the military.

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My son has Asperger’s and he went in delayed enlistment to the Air Force. He didn’t tell them about his Asperger’s and so I put a halt to his military career by calling the recruiter and telling them about it. I told them to keep my son out of the trouble that would come later when they found out about it later. Getting an other that honorable discharge from the military can be devistating when in comes to applying for jobs later. When they found out about it later, the might even wind up in military jail, which is no joke. The military needs to do a little bit better job of investigating applicants, so that this can’t happen again.

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@laudiesdad If one is qualified for a field that they have a hard time recruiting for (like Nuclear Propulsion, which requires an ASVAB score of 80+ to even be considered for) then they are willing to overlook some things. I know at least one other Aspie who did quite well in the military.

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Did I mention that he is still a minor, and his mother obviously had to have signed him away?

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That sounds like something I don’t want to be any part of, and since the military didn’t like drama any more than I do, they wouldn’t either, Aspie or not.

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