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I keep getting someone else's calls. She seems to have a lot of problems in her life- should I do anything?

Asked by Haleth (19538points) November 20th, 2009

I think somehow this girl named Amanda had my cell phone number before I did. I’ve had this number for over a year, but I get calls from her friends and family asking where she has been all this time and updating her on news in their personal lives. (I mostly don’t answer strange numbers, so this is in the form of voicemail.)

Some of these calls sound reproachful, and these people imply that they haven’t seen Amanda in a long time, but I get maybe at least one call like this every two weeks. She’s also being pursued by collection agents. The collection agents will call once a day or more for several weeks and then lay off. This has happened about three or four times. I’ve told them that I’m not Amanda and they need to stop calling, and their reaction was basically, “Yeah right. Pay up now.”

I’m getting kind of intrigued/ worried for this woman, and I wonder why people like her immediate family call my number looking for her. Sometimes I answer by accident and let the person know that they have the wrong number, but I get a lot of calls for her. Next time someone calls, should I tell them I think Amanda is in trouble? It’s probably totally intrusive coming from a complete stranger. Also, how do you convince a collection agency to stop calling? I don’t want to change phone numbers because now all my friends and family have this number.

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What does your voicemail recording say?

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everytime that person calls say something like “suicide watch hot-line can I help you” or “mobile pizza delivery what’s your order” after 3 or 4, you’ll stop getting calls guaranteed!

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Try looking into this: Schizophrenia.

Those people calling probably aren’t her best friends and family. I once called my brother’s old number (on accident) and the guy picking up started ranting about how he got constantly called being asked about my brother (who is not stuck in the frizzer, btw). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her, except for her money problems.

Besides, if she gets that many calls now, it doesn’t sound like she was a hermit or lonely person. She must have been missed, filed for missing persons, and the collection agencies would have given up by now on trying to get money from a dead girl.

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I don’t see how saying you think she might be in trouble would be harmful. If she’s not then what? Nothing. If she is in trouble then maybe she’ll get the help she needs.

But be careful not to get sucked in. This is not your responsibility so don’t let it weigh on you emotionally.

Now about those debt collectors. Let them know they cannot legally continue to call you as this is not her phone. It is honestly against the law for them to do so. If they continue you can get their address and send a certified letter saying so. I hate receiving debt calls even for someone else.

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Oh, the collection agencies are an absolute nightmare! I’ve lived at my place and had my phone number for almost 6 years now, and I still get harassing collection calls for people who either lived here in the past, or used to have my phone number. Yes, people plural. I talk with these agencies and stop the calls, but inevitably start getting more calls again only month later. This vicious cycle wont seem to end, even though I know they all have access to public info stating that it’s been my phone and residence for this long. Trust me, you would not want to be the collector who winds up having to call me! :) Ugh, I hope you don’t have to endure this!!

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Update your greeting and screen calls for a bit.

If you get a message that sounds like you neeto get the authorities involved, then do what you feel is right.

Until then, her problems aren’t your problems. It is likely any involvement from you will only complicate things for the others.

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You should change your number

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Tell the collection agents that she’s locked up.

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@cheebdragon Wow, you’re right. My voice mail just says, “Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” I should change it to, “Hi, you’ve reached Haleth. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” I know most people put their name in the message, but somehow I always felt weird about it- like what if someone calls that I don’t want to hear from.

I kind of… I’m not sure that it whether it would be right or wrong to let one of her callers know about the collection agents. I really want to ask one of these people, “So seriously, what the hell is the deal with Amanda?” But I know that would be totally inappropriate. I wish I could contact her so she could put a stop to this stuff herself, but her last name is really common, like Smith or Jones common.

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@Haleth Perhaps just say to someone. You know i’ve been getting calls for Amanda for quite some time now. By the nature of them I am quite worried about her. Is she alright? Or even skip the question.

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When people I don’t know ask for me I tell them that I have just passed away. Imagine what I would tell people who continuously called me to ask for someone who is not me.

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@pdworkin I thought about telling @Haleth to tell the collection agents Amanda’s dead, but then they might try to look that up. :P But there are a great many people that I’ve told that I or one of my relations is dead. If I’m feeling mean I’ll start yelling at them about how dare they telemarket or ask for money at a wake! Can’t they just leave people alone?!? ;)

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A wake! Love it! Will steal it immediately! (Must change it to Sitting Shivah, however.)

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They tend not to call again.

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