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What is the funniest/weirdest thing that happened to you in college?

Asked by madsmom1030 (1033points) November 21st, 2009

I remember college as being challenging (Double major in east asian studies and international relations with a minor in history) in 4 years and filled with fun. Made friends that I still see/talk to on a regular basis and learned as much out of the classroom as inside it. Also at the urging and a dare from 2 very good friends i ended with permanent reminder of my nickname on the bottom of my back top of my rear end! My mom just about had a fit, my bf at the time was in shock, my dad couldn’t stop laughing and my friends thought it was hilarious. I was known as the more serious one who didn’t really do anything crazy. My parents told me they would pay for 4yrs so i wasn’t on the 6yr BA plan. So lots of work and lots of fun.

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I can’t think of something that happened to me butttt i was with a friend and he was using a fake ID (that he found at a park like 30 minutes away from school years before) to buy us liquor at a liquor store and when he went to show the dude his ID, the guy says “hold on” and picks up the phone to call his friend… who happened to be the person on the license that my friend was using. He let him buy the vodka AND keep the ID.

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A girl in my Philosophy lectures seemed completely normal for half a year, then suddenly out of the blue one day she took off all her clothes and sprinted round campus screaming “What is the point of rules any morrrree!” I never actually found out what upset her so much but it was side splittingly funny watching the men in white coats fail to catch her for a full 30 mins! Poor girl!

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I can’t call it funny, but I had a stalker for most of the first half of my freshman year. It was very distressing and involved the campus police, having a friend with me at all time outside the dorm and my father eventually hiring a private dick scare the shit out of this guy.

I met him at what we used to call “Mixers” at the women’s college and I made the mistake of having lunch with him at a restaurant.

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Small world! During the first semester of my 2nd year I was getting really sick- nausea, vomitting, horrible reflux and increasing abdominal pain. I was really, really trying to finish the semester. We had determined I would need to have surgery on my stomach over xmas break. I was spending lots of time at both student health and the ER getting IV hydration, anti-nausea meds and pain meds to stay comfortable. I would just take my school work with me and work on it. So that day I finally got sent home at 6:30pm and my best friend/roomate came to pick me up with her BF Matt. I had been given lots of drugs and was pretty happy and mellow at that point. so they asked what i wanted to do and i wanted to get a smoothie. so we went and matt jokingly said hey wouldn’t it be fun to get a tatoo. one of my nicknames was froggie. ms. conservative (me) smiled and said why not. Matt even said he would pay for it if I went ahead and got one. So that is how I got a silver-dollar sized tree frog on my backside! I even slept through most of it! Everyone thought it was hilarious because i was the last person that would do something like that. the other part was we were all keeping it a secret from my BF because we weren’t getting along really well at the time and lets just say I didn’t feel like he paid as much attention to me as he was doing to his fraternity. so we were all betting on how long it would take mr. observent to notice. two days later he called me and said come over to the house we needed to talk. I said ok because i thought he was going to finally apologize for being a jerk. we get in his room and he shuts the door. then tells me to drop my pants! i was like, “excuse me but there is no way I am sleeping with you and don’t tell me what to do! plus you are being a jerk and have no clue how to apologize.” I turned to leave and he just started laughing his head off and mentioned he had heard that I had gotten a tattoo on a certain part of my body. He asked me to stay so we could talk and he apologized for being a jerk and insensitive. then he said, if i ask really nicely can i see if you really have one.” eventually i showed him and he thought that was the most hilarious thing.

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making it out alive

We were all out at dinner one night and a friend parked infront of a ditch. After the meal he swore that he could go forward and make it. The rest of us didn’t agree. He guns it and of course the car gets half in half out of the gutter. Needless to say we were all laughing.

So he decided that he would just use the rear wheel drive and back up. Problem- the car was too heavy with us all in it. So we all file out and join the crowd watching from the restaurant, waiting for the inevitable.

He then realizes that the car is still too heavy- so he stands on the outside with one foot on the gas and one foot on the ground. He revs- nothing happens. So five of us get in front of the car and push like hell on the hood.

Suddenly the car lurches backward tearing ass in reverse with our friend- hopping on one foot and screaming with the sheer terror of a thousand Microbiology finals. Every time he tries to take his foot off the gas the car door swings and hits him in the chest- knocking him back on the other foot. The other foot now attatched to a car doing donuts, in reverse, at 35 miles an hour.

He finally dove into the car and it slowed enough he could stop it- yet I can still see it in my head. Little cute gay man, squealing in terror while hopping backwards on one foot.

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Back in my college years, my crazy friend John and I went to a local college one night to see a showing of an old Buster Keaton film. When we got there, we found the screening was canceled, since the college was closed for Easter break.
So John and I are walking back to the parking lot, and we find this entry hatch unlocked. John said excitedly “Cool! We found an entry to the secret tunnel system that runs under the entire college!” We opened the hatch, and climbed down a ladder, and I was careful to close, but not fully close, the hatch behind us.
When we got to the bottom, we just found a small vault, with rows of dials on the wall. I took a quick look at the labels on the dials, and recognized it to be the controls for the sprinklers on the college grounds. No big deal.
Okay, so this is boring. I climb up the ladder to leave, and John says “peek out before opening the hatch all the way!”, so i slightly open the hatch, and lift up to look out, but my hat blocks my view (I was wearing a cowboy hat….ya, I was in college, okay?). I hold the hatch door with one hand, and take off my hat with the other, then lean down to hand John my hat, and I hear a loud “Click!” from the hatch door.
I held my breath for a moment. “Shit!” I thought, “I just locked the hatch!”
I pushed on the hatch, and it was, indeed, locked.
I told John what happened, and he climbed down the ladder, and said “I am gonna sit in the corner and conserve Oxygen.” Oh, shit… it’s holiday week. No one will be on campus till a week from Monday! I won’t be missed at work for 3 days, and John won’t be missed for 2 weeks! Plus, John can really get on your nerves when you are with him more than 8 hours.
John now begins fiddling with the dials, hoping the irregular watering of a lawn on campus will somehow signal someone that we are locked in the water control vault. I see what he is doing, and begin having visions of John unscrewing the wrong dial, and the vault filling with water.
At the top of the ladder, I am trying to figure out how to unlock the mechinism, but it is pitch black, and I have to feel the hatch lock to feel how it works, and how to open it.
I finally find the switch, and unlock the hatch. I jump out of the vault, and damn near lock it behind me, but decided not to. John climbed out, and we were on our way.

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I got drunk one night and went home with a guy.

In the morning, after all was said and most certainly done, I left and found that I had spent the night in a seminary.

I fucked a priest. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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@TitsMcGhee OMG! I LOVE IT! A million lurve for you!

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@titsmcghee- omg that is hilarious!

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There was this rocker guy who was in my jewelry class, really quiet and kind of secretive about his projects. He was one of the top students and my teacher favored him as she did me. It seemed like we were always avoiding each other on purpose but still trying to sneak peeks at one another’s projects. My teacher took the class on a field trip one day and rigged it so the rocker guy and I would end up riding in her car together. I remember he asked me if I had any hair under the scarves I always wored wrapped around my head, I think he may have even given me a compliment along the lines of, “you’d be cute with hair” but it’s been sooooo long for me to remember well. Anyhoo, we became inseparable after that field trip, became best friends, soulmates if you will, talked about starting a business together and how we’d have to buy houses on the same street when we married one day so we could still visit. Turns out we married each other for a few years, started our own jewelry business, remained close friends with our old jewelry teacher, remained friends through divorce and continue to be best friends 24years later, sharing in and welcoming the joy of new people in and through our lives. Rocker boy meet Punk girl, yeah it was like that.

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I have a weird one, pretty strange, maybe some of you can help me make sense of it.

I was living in a two story townhouse with my brother who was away for the weekend, so I had some friends over one night. Myself and three other guys were playing a game, and a couple other guys were just hanging out. There came a knock at the door and I asked my friend Cameron to answer it since I was in the middle of a game. He comes back about 30 seconds later and I asked him who it was…
– “I don’t know, some weird guy”
* “Well what did he want?”
– “I don’t know he wasn’t making sense he just kept mumbling ‘Level four is too much…’”
* “That’s all he said?”
– “Yeah, he said it like three times I think he was on crack or somethin so I was just like: ‘okaaay….’ and I shut the door”

I assumed the guy was talking about the music being too loud. The stereo was on in my room upstairs since we didn’t have one downstairs, and since my brother was gone and my only neighbor was also gone for the weekend I was confident having it loud so we could hear it downstairs. The significance of “level four” is my stereo had 4 levels of bass, 1 to 4, 4 being the highest, and I did in fact have it on level 4. The only person who might have known that my stereo had 4 levels of bass is my brother. So who was this mystery man? and how did he know specific details about my stereo? Still puzzles me to this day.

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I had the flu so I took an anti-flu over-the-counter medicine (which is no longer on the market-I checked). I haven’t ever had weird reactions from any medicine and I don’t do hallucinate with fevers. In fact, it’s a rare day that I’m even sick. Anyway, I can’t even tell you how long this lasted because it was like I wasn’t aware of time passing. I saw my brother walk out of a concrete block wall, the L-shaped braces in the shower turned into snakes (scared the crap out of me), I was in the laundry room washing the sheets off my bed (which was weird enough in college-who washes sheets in those days?) and saying something to someone and she looked at me weird, but I have no idea what I said, and then I was walking towards my boyfriend’s (husband now) dorm, and he was waiting for me just inside the entry way. I suddenly had this overwhelming paranoid feeling and felt like I had to hurry past him and not let him catch me. I walked past him without saying anything, hurried to get in the elevator, pushed the button and just prayed that he wouldn’t be able to get on the elevator with me. The doors closed, and I went upstairs to his room, fell asleep on the bed, and when I woke up, I was fine. This was almost 30 years ago. I haven’t had anything happen to me like that again. I had not been drinking, I didn’t take drugs, and like I said earlier, I’ve never had weird reactions to over the counter or prescription drugs. I have no idea what caused it, but I never took that flu medicine again.

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@lfino that really is weird!

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Yeah, it wasn’t anything I could ever explain. One thing I did think about, but have no proof, is that this happened before the big Tylenol poisoning thing where someone put something in the capsules and that’s why everything is now sealed in foil and hard to open. Maybe someone had tampered with the meds in the store, but on the other hand, they weren’t capsules, but regular tablets.

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@lfino hmm! Where was your college located? Big city/small town/etc. ?

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@filmfann OMG! That….scary that!! Over a long holiday weekend, too! Ummm, have you ever read the book or seen the movie “Alive”? :0
@Ansible1 Well, the guy could have been talking about some game…or something. Sounds like he was most definitely high on something.
@lfino Well, now we know why it’s not on the market anymore!

I didn’t have a car so I walked everywhere. Once I was at a party (I majored in Party! This was the 70’s, man! Just kidding. I really majored in Foosball, with a minor in Pool. Party was just my homework.) Anyway, the guy throwing the party had a big, beautiful German Shepherd who, for some reason took a liking to me. There were, like, 30 people there, but the dog chose me, have no idea why. Well, eventually I left, on foot. I didn’t realize it, but the dog followed me out. I had gone about four blocks before I realized he was with me. For SOME REASON (sarcasm button here) I couldn’t remember how to get back to the guy’s house to return his dog. Hell, I couldn’t even find my own house! At one point I realized that I had taken off in the wrong direction. I walked, probably, ½ a mile the wrong way before I realized it. Attractive young lady, by herself, on foot, in the middle of the night, lost. oh. shit. I wasn’t so inebriated that I didn’t know enough to be scared! And scared I was! Finally got myself turned around, but it wasn’t long before a car load of guys saw me, and sure enough, slowed down and stopped next to me. I yelled, “Here dog!” And that ginourmous Shepherd comes running up to me from out of the shadows, took one look at the car and planted him self between me and the guys, hackles up, just staring at them. Message was obvious. He looked dangerous! Well, the guys took off, of course. For all I know, that dog saved my life that night. And why he chose me to follow I will never know. He went home with me, and I managed to return him the next day. Only to find out…it wasn’t the party guy’s dog. Turned out the dog belonged to some dude he’d just met the day before and happened to invite to the party…..

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First thing that came to mind: my dress fell down during one of my a cappella group’s performances. I was conducting, so I had no free hands to fix it. I clamped my elbows down to hold it up and kept going. In a brief and very graceful move, another member took over conducting for a measure as I spun around once, fixing my dress in the process, then came back in to conduct the next measure. What’s more, it was a really sad, slow song, and the poor soloist had no idea why everyone was laughing.

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Northwest Missouri State University, very small town.

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@sliceswiththings !! That reminds me of one of my roommates. She was an architecture major, and she dressed really strangely sometimes. She was also a little absentminded.

In the week leading up to a final presentation, she hadn’t eaten or slept, and was more disconnected than usual on the day of the presentation. During that lead-up time she also lost a little weight. Anyway, that day, she chose to wear some loose, gym-type shorts. While presenting her project in front of a panel of seven professors, her shorts fell down, leaving her standing in her rather skimpy underwear, but it took her nearly a minute to realize!

When she did, she bent down slowly to pick them up, still talking about her project, and finished without a word regarding the shorts. No one said anything! Someone even thought it was intentional, oddly enough.

It was really embarassing for her, but she couldn’t stop laughing about it when she told us.

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@lfino I think that would contribute to that theory. Smaller, tightly knit community. More opportunity to mess with the packaging. So strange!

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My goth cheerleader type roommate borrowed my butterfly flip flops for Halloween… When she dressed like “normal” people. :D

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@Beta_Orionis That’s great. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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There was a fellow computer scientist student who talked to himself continuously. He loved mathematical proofs and could recite them with all the details. At one time one of my pennies dropped. Ah, this is how it works. Weird experience.

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@mattbrowne ?????? are we still talking about the cat????

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@Val123 – Schroedinger’s cat?

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MIlo here; Around here the only cat worthy of discussion is me.

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@mattbrowne In one of the worlds I understood perfectly what you were talking about when you said, “At one time one of my pennies dropped. Ah, this is how it works. Weird experience.” In this world, I don’t!

@Milo Don’t you have some mice to catch??

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@Val123: MIlo here; Well, I broke my recond of 100% snagged and bagged.I had a beautiful, plump specimen between my incisors yesterday, but Gail wouldn’t let me in the house. I dropped the mouse, per usual, and he ran away (to die a peaceful and rapid death, I hope. It is all Gail’s fault, of course.)

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