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Why does so much pornography seem to originate from the Czech Republic?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) February 15th, 2008
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Eastern Europe does seem to be a hotbed of porn (along with Russia). I was in the Czech Republic in 1999 and McDonalds was considered a good job.

I doubt many people want to do porn. And most of what I have seen is young people that probably have very few options.

And I would add that most of these countries are really young. They don’t have laws about porn yet. In the United States we have laws that require a pile of paperwork to work in porn. In Poland you can probably start a porn site without getting a lawyer first.

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There’s a lot of mafia there as well.

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know thy porn! i look at porn sometimes. some is good, some is bad. most gets boring. but the internet is what changed porn. used to be guys were in seedy run down stores or looking in mags. but now it is everywhere. and cheap or free.

in the USA the restrictions are pretty serious on the documentation for being 18 and it appears glamourous, makes you a star etc. i doubt the level of inspection of european/other than USA porn is at the same level. i mean those countries STILL traffic women as slaves for heavens sake.

however many of these people for sure dont have jobs, and being naked on the net is not as big a deal as it used to be. but remember Porno Valley/The Valley of Sin is in Hollywood and it is the BIGGEST manufacturer of porn on the planet. long live Vivid he he…

Excellent resource
Timeline of Influential Milestones and Important Turning Points in Film History
1972 The popular, low-budget, adult-oriented, X-rated Deep Throat, the second hard-core pornography feature film released in the US (after Behind the Green Door) contributed to the explosion of the porn industry and ‘porn chic’ by being exhibited in many mainstream film theatres. It was one of the most financially successful films ever made (grossing over $1,000,000, but costing only $24,000 to make).

Brief History of Porn

But it is hardly a oneoff. As pornography itself keeps pushing the boundaries of what can be seen, so it keeps encroaching further and further into mainstream entertainment. Television schedules are being filled by documentaries on lapdancers, porn stars and porn barons, each one claiming, unbelievably, to lift the lid on a little-known industry.;jsessionid=x9sXH2WBBJhJpzkwnHWH7W1ZvMlLyDXnyJJjk3GMmCW1nrmZh0Yn!639855129!-1407319344!7101!7102

Porn Industry Bigger Then Music Industry(Surprised?)
Yes that’s right folks the porn industry, at just under $13 billion, is officially bigger then the music industry which according to the RIAA’s most optimistic estimates is probably closer to a mere $11 billion dollars.

Variety delivered the bad news to the music industry and AVN gave the good tidings to the folks in adult entertainment last week. Adult entertainment is an industry faced with rampant copyright infringement, innovative competition in every area of its business, tremendous public pressure and fierce governmental oversight. Despite all this, porn continues to embraced the Internet, experiement with new products, focus on serving paying customers (while outpacing the rippers), and so they have thrived; Perhaps there is an obvious lesson in this that the music industry can hire a bunch of really smart consultants to analyze into obscurity

The group rallied at the capitol to crow about the industry’s US$5.175 billion contribution to the state’s economy last year. The figure, which represents sales and rentals of adult entertainment, got a significant boost from Internet sales of $875 million

According to CBS special news Porn In The U.S.A., Americans spend ten billion dollars a year on adult entertainment. One would have no difficulty to recognize that this is the industry in parrallel to traditional movie industry in the real sense: it has its own studios, stars (as well as their fans!), circulation channels and on top of them, profits. In 2003, the industry produced 11,000 titles; there are well over 800 million rentals of adult videos and DVDs all over the country. In-room pay-per-view adult films bring up 70% of the in-room profits for hotel chains.

Pornography has become one of the hottest growth industries in the nation. Corporate America has taken notice and is rushing in to make a profit on smut.
Fortune 500 companies are swooping down from their financial kingdoms to compete in the pornography industry for a market flush with profits, growth potential and increasing public tolerance.

Porn probably thrives here because it would be unwelcome anywhere else. The porn industry and the valley have developed an unspoken symbiotic relationship that neither would admit. The valley’s middle-class community, founded with the slogan “The Town That Started Right,” saw itself evolve into “The Valley of Sin” without putting up so much as a snivel in protest.
The commercial porn industry is worth incalculable amounts of money. It is an intensely profit-driven, hierarchical system, that exploits the most basic of human drives for money. It eats people alive. And not in a fun way.

InTouch Weekly (via LOGOonline ) reports in this week’s issue that gay porn wiz, Michael Lucas, has offered Spencer Pratt a role in a major gay porn movie. Brilliant. Spencer’s ass was made to get fucked repeatedly by huge, fat ding dongs. I mean repeatedly! Like at least 1,000 times in a row. (ONE OF MY FAVE SITES ON THE WEB)

Welcome to Erotica Sex 2005 — an annual trade fair held Sept. 29–Oct. 2, which, apart from showcasing products including exotic sex toys and libido-enhancing herbs, this year featured live shows with couples having sex before an admiring crowd of hundreds.

Welcome to Lust Films, an adult entertainment production company with a modern, feminine and feminist approach. Amongst other things, I decided to produce a different kind of porn because I was fed up with the cliches that the porn producers (MEN) want to make us believe in:

The Web is changing the landscape of the pornography industry—transforming what once was perceived as a pit of sleaze into something almost respectable and even cool. No longer is the porn world limited to back-room studios in the San Fernando Valley and the red-light districts of metropolitan areas; it’s become a do-it-yourself industry that turns up all over the map.

One overlooked victim of the Jan. 17 earthquake was America’s pornography industry: the heart of it is in the San Fernando Valley, and the valley was at the heart of the quake. Most of the damage was to expensive video production equipment used by the many makers and distributors of sexually explicit entertainment.
“It probably slowed them down by about a week,” said Mark Kernes, manager of Adult Video News, a trade magazine.

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It’s cold there and the economy is poor…nothing to do but drink and have sex…might as well make some dough doing it.

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