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Those who have seen the movie The Ringer, did you find it tasteless?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) November 22nd, 2009

IMDB page for the movie
Summary of the movie for those who haven’t seen it:
A non-handicapped man pretends to be handicapped in order to win the Special Olympics for the prize money.
A lot of the cast are people with real-life mental disabilites and handicaps.

My sister is severely disabled, so I’m pretty protective of the disabled community.. I don’t tolerate jokes or insults about them I’m not a fan of the word “retarded” used in a context that’s not medically correct either..

I’m watching this movie now, and I can’t decide if I like it or hate it.
I feel like it’s horribly offensive and is using their mental disabilities as joke.
But at the same time, I know nobody would let them film the movie if they weren’t happy.. so I know these people had to have had the time of their lives filming this.

Am I just over-thinking the movie or is it tasteless?

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My brother was handicapped and he would have loooved being in a movie. I haven’t seen it but I’m all for educating the world that handicapped people are people, too.

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I found it did play off the disabilities a bit too much, but it was an ok film otherwise.

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I thought I would be offended by the movie when I first saw it but it surprised me. It really has a great message.

I would be more offended by There’s Something About Mary.

give it a chance

Johnny Knoxville is attractive btw

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I haven’t finished it, but I DID like the fact that Knoxville’s character admits that it was wrong.
That last tag was supposed to say “either way”. He’s a real hottie.

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I have a grandson who is special needs and I don’t have a problem with the movie at all. I thought it accurately showed what many people’s mindsets are really like regarding the mentally handicapped. I think finding offense at some of the terms used in the film is akin to having a problem with the N-word being used in Roots.

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It has Johnny Knoxville so at the very least, you know it’s not going to win an Oscar.
Without having seen it, it looks very lowbrow so I avoided it on that basis.
I really doubt it was intended to deride the disabled community though anymore than South Park was with their Timmy character.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic- It’s actually a pretty good, and poignant film. I think it might surprise you. Plus Katherine Heigl looks hot in it.

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Its kind of a morality tale. Which would be its redeeming quality.

Its a Johnny Knoxville movie, its not going to be mature or anything, and I think it could have been far worse and far more disrespectful than it was.

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I thought the movie was funny. I figured since there were actual special needs people in the movie it was ok. I hate the word retarded also. It makes my skin crawl to hear someone use that word!

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An excellent flick. They actually worked with consultants from the Special Olympic throughout the process. I think they did a terrific job of showing that people with disabilities have the same vast range of human faults, frailties, illusions, humor, talents, and virtues as any other population.

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I thought that movie was ok it had Bill Chott in it from wizzards of waverly place a t.v. show on Disney Channel I don’t know if he is disabled or not but I was really pleased that they had people in it that are disabled to have people see what they go through I have a uncle that is very disabled and I take things very seriously about that and I don’t want people to make fun of them because that isn’t right and I don’t think in this movie they weren’t making fun of them.

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