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Crappy Gift Cards?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) February 17th, 2008

I have a bunch of Gift Cards that I really dont need. $30 bucks to Toys R Us, Dicks Sporting Goods, Cinemark Theaters, and Borders Bookstore. Thats $120 i really just want in cash. Is there anyway that i can trade in the gift cards, or should i sell them on eBay?

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My experience is that they really hate to give up the money once they get it. I had a gift card from Sears for 20$ and bought a lamp for 15$ and they gave me back a gift card for five. I was broke and was planning on buying dinner with the change. I didn’t need a fucking lamp.

Gift cards do amazingly well on eBay so I would probably go that route. You will take a lose, but it shouldn’t be very bad.

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Yeah, I don’t know any stores that will give you cash for a gift card.

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you might do better on something local like craigslist or buynsell etc. the reason is that fees on ebay i have been told increased SIXTY percent for sellers. kinda mental. but there might be more security in selling to people outside your city/town.

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I heard a story on NPR about a gift card exchange site – sorry, I don’t remember any more details than that. You might be able to search for the story on their website.

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This is what syz was talking about.
You can sell and trade gift cards. It’s pretty sweet.

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That’s good.

Another idea is going to the store and finding a sympathetic customer going to buy something and politely asking them if you can buy their stuff for them with your gift card in exchange for them paying you instead of the store.

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