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Where Can I Find A Delicious Library IPA?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) November 28th, 2009

I’m looking for an IPA download of Delicious Library for iPhone. Can anyone here find one out on the net, or email me the file?

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got it right here, i’ll try to email it.

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should be in your inbox, have fun !

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This is why I love Fluther!
Something totally awesome just happened here I have no idea what it was but still it was cool! :)

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And here I thought they were looking for a type of beer.

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Just for clarification, are you guys talking about the file extension?

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That’s what I thought as well @janbb. I was going to recommend this.

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Any chance it’s still available?

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any chance someone still has this? I had it but lost it somewhere along the way of moving to new computer and new iPhone and new TimeMachine repository – it really sucks monkey balls that the developer was forced to pull it.

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Just curious, does an iphone have to be jaibreaked to install a .IPA file not purchased from iTunes?

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I know this is an old post – but if someone could share this ipa with me I’d appreciate it too.

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@lucysmom If nobody replies, feel free to ask a new question. Only a couple of people on this thread are still around Fluther, so chances are your comment here won’t get much attention.

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