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Does anyone know how to write on a pdf or word file?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) November 29th, 2009

I need to do a project for school where I need to print, fill-out, and scan something, then submit it. However I have no ink in my printer, and no car or money to go get some more ink. I do have a bamboo drawing/writing pad. Is there any way for me to fill it out with the pad, then send it in?

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Public Library…?

Free services, close to most, most have internet

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You would need Acrobat Professional to convert the .PDF to create blank fields where the lines to write are. If it doesn’t need to be hand-written, you could create text fields and type in them.

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MS Word will open PDFs as graphics. If you have a choice of PDF or Word, use the Word file.

You should be able to lay your responses on top of the appropriate spaces. If you want them hand-written, save the Bamboo output as a jpg, gif, tiff or png and lay it over the appropriate spot.

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FormulatePro will overlay text, but it’s for Mac.

My internet is spotty today, otherwise I’d post links. Google “pdf editor for Windows.”

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@DrBill No car..

It doesn’t need to be hand written, it’s a survey that I needs to be fill out.

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Take a screenshot, open MS Paint ;-)

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Most of the answers have been covered.

1. If you have choice to download MS Word file, it’s the easy way. You can edit it as you want.
2. If you want to convert MS Word file to pdf after editing, you may download this save as pdf add-in for Office 2007. Download it and run it; it will add “Save as pdf/xps” option to MS Office 2007.
3. If you want to edit pdf, here you can find Foxit. Get Foxit pdf editor and Foxit pdf reader from there.
4. However, if you have older version of MS Office, you can convert word file to pdf from online utilities. You can google it and find many. Here are two: Word to pdf, pdf to word. There are also online utilities which ask you to upload file, and either give file directly to download or email it to you.
With pdf filler, you may upload your pdf file, and fill it online.
Here’s How to create pdf forms.
You can also try 14 days trial of this; here are their free products.

And unfortunately, if nothing works, you may upload the file and give us the link, someone will definitely come out with the solution.

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I got it in MS office, but I cannot write on it with my tablet. It’s okay though, I just did a different project.

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I’m not entirely sure if this will work, but download the PDF and then try to change the extenstion tag from .pdf to .docx

Cheers to answering a question and failing to read through the entire thread. I suppose you could have done this.XD

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