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How can you advance quickly on farmville... what are some techniques you have used?

Asked by pterodactylover808 (139points) November 29th, 2009

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why are you worried about a virtual farm… seek help…

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seek help that you don’t know how to spell “seak” baha and btw creepy pic

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Try Yahoo answers. =)

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I am getting as much money as possible off of my plants, animals and trees, and then I’m gonna do some cool pattern with hay bales. It gives you tons of XP. I started this and then I ran out of money, so now I’m gonna get rich and then get broke about twice more. I did this cycle once already, and I advanced about 4 levels after about 3 rows of checkerboard pattern with plowed land and purple hay bales. I think it’s a great way to advance. And it looks awesome, too.

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Oh god…

I have never played farmville in my life. I don’t even have a facebook account.

However, I live with people who talk about farmville all the time.

According to them, do not buy anything. Just farm the land. Don’t buy a house, just farm.

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Thanks good to know!!

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Nah, you’ve got to buy things because it gives you experience points. You need lots of trees and animals to gain money. Also, check out the awards and aim for them.

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oh totally! yeah i just got a huge award for being a animal saver! 10000 coins and 250 XP

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Listen to @casheroo. Don’t forget to visit and help your neighbors and send them gifts. hint hint ;)

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Get loads and loads of friends to play it.. you get money for visiting their farms.. lol

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This may not be the best guide, but here’s how I did it.

One of the biggest things to focus on is money for expanding. You’re going to want to fill your farm plot up with as many fields as possible so you can plant as many crops as you can. You gain money from harvesting, and xp from plowing. I wouldn’t worry about placing too many animals or buildings until you’ve expanded your farm two or three times, although you will have some spare space along the edges you might want to place some trees or cows along.

Don’t go for the biggest profit margin when it comes to crops,instead go for when you think you’ll be at your farm next. If you’ve got a free day or work a job where you can access your farm fairly often, you’re much better off planting something that grows within 2 hours instead of 3 days. If you have to leave for a couple of hours, but know you’ll be back soon, go for something that grows withing 6–8 hours. I avoided anything that took more than a day to grow when I was big into the game, since I knew I’d be able to harvest soon. The more often you harvest your crops and plow your fields, the more often you’ll rake in money and experience, even if the profit margin isn’t as high as some of the slower-growing crops.

Neighbors are probably one of the greatest assets to have in Farmville. Receiving gifts saves you money on buying livestock and earns you money by selling what you won’t use (that cost you nothing). How many times your able to expand is dependent on how many neighbors you have. And, most importantly, you can visit each of your neighbors for a bonus 20 coins and 5 xp per day. On top of that, when they visit your farm, they can fertilize crops, which gives some kind of bonuses to achievements or xp or something that I forgot right now. But it’s nice.

Once you’ve expanded a few times and amassed a good amount of money, placing buildings and decorations will pull in loads of xp. Trees and animals are a good way to pull in some “free” money, but most of your money and XP still come from crops and plowing.

A word of note: I would avoid buying anything from Zynga or even worrying about anything to do with farm cash. A lot of their business dealings seem really shady, and a lot of the companies that sponser farmville promotions are fishing really hard for your personal info such as your cell phone or mailing address. If you absolutely have to have something that requires farm cash, farmville gives you farm cash for free at a rate of.. a dollar every 2 weeks or a month or something around there. Check Google, there’s a lot to be afraid of when it comes to Farmville offers. But as long as you avoid those shenanigans, you should be safe.

I should be in bed.

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I’ve gotten a lot of money in Farmville, but I don’t have time to get on every day or every couple hours to harvest my crops on time… so, everything I harvest is either from animals or trees.

And honestly, I have a shitload of animals and trees, but I haven’t bought any of it. Send free gifts to every one of your FB friends who plays farmville, and you’ll probably get a flood of gifts back. Also, watch the live feed for ‘lost animals’ (right now I think it’s “clumsy reindeer”) to adopt onto your farm.

The best thing about trees and animals? They don’t expire if you forget to log on for a week.

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