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Can i deduct my full time student son on my tax return?

Asked by suzannevancleve (15points) December 3rd, 2009

I’m paying his tuition and rent.

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Yes, if you’re providing 50% of his expenses.

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From what I understand @PandoraBoxx is correct.
But there is more to consider.

How old is he? Does he have children? Is he married? If he is above 24, is married, or has children then he is eligible to claim himself and get more financial aid help. So you might be putting him at a detriment if you did so as he then would not be able to claim himself.

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The tax regulations have changed on this, and it is now possible for a parent to claim their child student. Here is a link to more information. It is also explained in the IRS tax topics and publication 501

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Wow, I’m supporting 2 of them!! I sure hope this is true in Canada!!

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I believe that as long as he’s living with you and you’re supporting him and he under 23 (that may vary from state to state) you can deduct him.

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