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Have you won any awards or prizes that you are especially proud of?

Asked by Zen_Again (9916points) December 3rd, 2009

What were they for? Tell the story behind the trophy, medal etcetera.

Show and tell folks: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, so to speak.

Not to brag… but I have a couple I’m proud of… hint, it aint for writing – I haven’t ever won a Jeruba.

Lurve her!

Go on, you know you wanna brag… ;-)

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The only one I was ever proud of is my award for third place in my middle school spelling bee. I love spelling bees – you can feel everyone, even the judges, hanging on your every letter, willing you to say “a” and not “e”. And then everyone in the room groans with you as you facepalm and realize that you’ve just said “e”, and then gets all happy for you because you got so far. So that’s the story. I was proud of it because I never once thought of myself as a good speller before that point – it came as a complete surprise when I looked around and saw that there were only two other people on the stage with me.

Can we make the Jeruba another Atlantis award?

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Most Photogenic Baby

Edit: I have 7 years worth of softball trophies, and a few medals from my Young Marines days, but I’m more proud that I was a cute baby.

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I won several awards at the end of high school before graduation. Probably the one I was most proud of was the Rotary English Award (it was also the biggest one I won). My English teacher chose me from over 100 students to receive the English Award from the Rotary Club. I thought that was pretty cool. I got to wear a special yellow tassle at graduation for CSF (based on grades). I was a National Honor Society honorable mention/nominee, whatever it’s called. :P I didn’t make it past the first level, but still, that was pretty cool.

I also won the Principal’s Distinction award 6 semesters in a row in middle school (it was for straight A’s). :P

I don’t have an award to show for it, but I did win my middle school’s Geography Bee three years in a row.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve never played any sports other than track, so I’m not really going to have many awards for athletics. And I haven’t entered many contests.

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Thanks guys. 7 more stories and I’ll show you mine (I decided I wanted to read 10 first, just saying).

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NO. :( wtf

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@deni I’ll make you a “Happiest Person On Earth/ Could Be Oprah” medal for Christmas.

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and again, i love you @rangerr

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I won the Governor-General Award in grade 9— highest marks in Alberta-got ma pichur took fer th’ paper and ma name onna plak at scool.

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I really shouldn’t make a joke of it I was very pleased at 14. More important were enough scholerships that Mom didn’t have to pay anything for my 2nd year in nursing. Well, she fed me.

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@faye Mom’s are the best!

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I used to be (well still would be if there were anyone to play with out here!) a fanatical tennis player. I didn’t start playing until I was in my 40’s and then I became obsessed with the game and played 5 days a week. So I won all the local tournaments in my age group and often against the younger ones as well. I hope when I get back to civilization I can start to play again.

I also showed dogs professionally for a lot of years so I have boxes of ribbons and assorted trophies.

That’s my only claim to fame, using the term loosely of course.

Now Mr ZenAgain, let’s see yours!!!

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I was a finalist for a statewide writing contest in high school.

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I won first place in the 100 yard dash during field day in 3rd grade. I still have the ribbon!

I also won second place in the three legged race.

I was a very she child. These awards meant a lot to me.

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I received a ‘volunteer of the year’ award once for my work in the foster family program.
I have also received several other “yearly” awards for other volunteer opportunities.
I won Category Excellence award for my answers on another site.

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i came in second place in a spelling bee someone in this same bee spelled beetle b-e-a-t-l-e btw

i sold the most stuff at work…yesterday?

im trying. :\

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When I worked at a movie theater Brian and I won the “usher” award.

Basically all the ushers went to shit and barely did their jobs. Management decided to have a stupid ass competition late one night. I’m not sure what the goal of this was.

So ten of us show up at 10PM and everyone is super pissed since we had to come in for bullshit.

Our job was to pretty much clean the theaters after people left. They are bad. We used leaf blowers on them. The leaf blowers had very long extension cords we had to manage along the rows of seats. We ran down every row of seats blowing the trash forward. At the end we would look for money and then sweep up the trash.

So the competition was to do this the fastest. My team won by a healthy margin. We won the awesome prize of a 5$ gift certificate to Cinnabon.


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Well I got a few judo trophies a while back but like I wasn’t really proud of them because they were for an exhibition >.<
And my high school doesn’t give out honor roll which sucks.

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@johnpowell Come now, it ain’t all bad! My group of usher-folk did a lot of midnight movies with the old reels – we paid our projectionists $100/night to do shows for us and all our friends. Setting up hammocks in the aisles, two 40’s next to you, at least two joints going around – now that’s the way to see a movie in a theater! Plus we got to see the flicks a few days in advance in the owner was in a good mood. We also cleaned the theater while blasting Henry Rollins: good times.

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I won first prize in the short story category of a writers’ conference competition. I’m proud of that. But it was, after all, a small award.

I also got the English and German prizes when I graduated from high school. And there was a Distinguished Service award for a volunteer job.

I don’t compete much, actually. I prefer collaboration.

@Zen_Again dear, I think you are very susceptible.

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@wildpotato :: I was the head projectionist for three years. I had keys to the building. We had some drunk ass screenings of movies.

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I won first place in the Local History Day Competition, both in 2009 and 2008. I had to work for 4 months on that project, but I got a free trip to my state’s capitol to compete statewide.

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Where are you @zen_again?

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Nope. People asking you “why did you do better!?” all the time takes all the joy out of winning.

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I think I just won the Official Gayness Award Level 3 tonight, by the way: I went to Target with three girls while they picked out bras and panties.

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@DominicX – you sure ought to get some sort of prize, just not sure which one!!!

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I was a semifinalist in the International Physics Olympiad, placing me among the top 150 high school physics student in the nation (nominally, of course; I’m sure there were plenty of better students who didn’t enter, although the competition is a fairly major one). I am particularly proud of the fact that I did this with minimal studying, just a brief review of notes and a few practice problems; I really shouldn’t be proud of this, seeing as failure to apply myself is one of my greatest flaws. But still, you’ve got to admit that’s kind of cool.

The same thing goes for the National French Contest, where, if I remember correctly, I placed 5th. In fact, I totally forgot about it until my teacher told me to go across the hall and take it (got me out of an English assignment, too. Ah, high school).

The things I worked hard for and am proud of, I don’t have awards for.

yet ;)

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I won the “Social Studies” award in junior high and I was Valedictorian of my high school graduating class. I also got a full scholarship to Columbia University. Does being on the Dean’s List for 6 semesters count?

Despite all that, I think I’m most proud of having one of my poems and one of my paintings published in a little college literary journal.

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Oh, you just reminded me, @drdoombot. I won an essay contest that got me a full scholarship to college.

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It was the greatest honor for me to be my crush’s boyfriend for a period of time.

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At a summer camp in high school, I received the superlative for being “most unique” That is not an accomplishment in and of itself, but it is how I won it that I find interesting. The camp was some sort of leadership program through my youth group, so the campers got to pick groups to help out with. I decided to work on the end-of camp newsletter, along with about five others. Literally the only thing that I did towards the completion of the newsletter was suggest the superlative of “most unique”. Who should win the superlatives was voted on by everyone at the camp. Needless to say, I won the most unique superlative.
The accomplishment is not really being considered “most unique”, but knowing that I could work the system to my favor in such a way that I had to do almost no work towards the newspaper, yet I did just enough to make sure that I won a superlative.

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Judo awards, boxing awards, and my proudest is a medal from a marathon I’d run.

I also am very proud of my kids accomplishments, various awards from writing through sports awards.

Thanks for all your replies.

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The one that was very much a surprise and quite a tidy sum of money, was shared previously here on fluther. Through the magic of copy and paste…..............
My career was advancing very quickly when my health deteriorated to the point where I could no longer work. Two Vice Presidents came by my office on my final day. One told me he had just accepted a very attractive offer from another company and told me he would be praying for a miracle for me and that I had a job offer with him for life with an astronomical salary increase plus bonuses and stock options. Another told me he felt that someday before too long he and everyone else would be reporting to me due to my personality, management skills and leadership qualities and joked that it was not because of my well groomed but very long hair (it set me apart and never held me back in what is the most conservative industry).. He also told me if I ever felt healthy enough to come back to work to come see him first. He is currently President. My VP called me to his office on executive row and was nearly in tears as he reflected on my career and said the best personnel move he ever made was getting me to transfer from another organization even though I had a lock on its top position and could have just rested comfortably on my laurels. The position he gave me was the ultimate challenge in my mind and I succeeded. As I tried to tear away with my final goodbyes, he grabbed my shoulder and led me into the office of the Vice President of Human Resources to whom he said “pay this man for a full year at full salary with all benefits.” The HR VP said there was no precedent for this. My VP told him that was fine, they just set one. That was the ultimate compliment on what was a very complimentary day. And yes, I earned their respect and deserved their compliments.
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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Valedictorian, several writing awards, English award, full scholarships for several colleges, Dean’s list, a few awards for my volunteer work and one little softball trophy. I was the catcher when I was 8 years old on a local softball team. I got an award for being MVP after catching a ball that helped us win the game. I was shocked I caught it.

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I haven’t really won anything except for being all-district on the football team my sophomore and junior year in high school.

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I have won a number of awards for singing over the years mostly for musical theatre and Opera which are the two genres I specialise in. I am entered to sing in a competition in the new year and although I will still be doing the musical theatre and opera classes I am also planning to branch out and try a class that I have never entered before! Maybe folk or sacred song?!

I also won the Boots most beautiful baby of Portsmouth competition in 1987! For those that don’t know Boots is a high street chemist/shop here in the UK.

@rooeytoo What breeds did you show? One of the dogs (Flatcoated Retriever) that my Aunt bred got best in breed at Crufts this year.

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Oh right! I forgot about winning three of my high school’s “Best of” awards my senior year. I got Most Changed Since Freshman Year, Best Hair (for the dreads), and Most Likely to Start a Cult. I was pretty proud of those – I never realized so many people even knew who I was in high school.

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You have all been given lurve and have won the—ZEN LOVES YOU award. Comes with extra lurve for all future questions and responses in your threads.


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@Zen_Again – Hey that is so cool you ran a marathon. I have always said I am going to do one before I die, but the window of opportunity is getting smaller, heheheh. How old were you when you ran yours? Were you in training long and did you use a rigid training program to get ready or just wing it?

@Leanne1986 – I showed whatever anyone would pay me to show! My favorites have always been akitas, bouvs and english cocker spaniels. BOB at Crufts is a very good win.

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@rooeytoo 19, Yes, Yes. Thanks.

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@Zen_Again – I recently read that a 75 year old had just run her first one in the masters games here, so I have not lost hope. I still have 10 years to go til I hit 75! No fool like an old fool and hope springs eternal and all that, heheheh!

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My favorite awards are two:

A third place ribbon for the three-legged race when I was eight. My partner was a tall teenager so it actually was a two legged race with me clinging to his leg.

A first place trophy for an apple pie made from my own recipe.

My daughter, OTOH, wins so many trophies and ribbons for her sports endeavors that they mean very little to her.

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@jayne Hot.

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