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I have lost the hearing in my left ear. Should I be worried?

Asked by ShanEnri (4409points) December 4th, 2009

It happened at about 7 a.m. this morning. I remember my ear going silent or deaf and then a high pitched ringing in my ear. It passed, then I went and blew my nose. There was no pop or anything. I feel like it needs to pop, but it does and there is no change. I can hear out of it, but it’s like the feeling you get with severe head congestion, like being in a bottle, but it’s only the one ear. When I talk it vibrates, up close sounds seem pretty normal, while far away sounds (like in the next room) I can only hear thumps and booming type noises. It did hurt a couple days ago, but it was like a 2 second burst of intense pain and then it passed. I’m slightly dizzy and have a headache. I looked it up (googled it) the info I’m getting is confusing. I know I should go to a doctor, but I can’t afford it. (I will if I really have to!)So do you think it will pass or am I going deaf?

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It might just be a sinus/ear infection. Yes, you need to see a doctor.

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I’m afraid that there is a laundry list of different problems that you could have judging from your descriptions. Alot of which could be ruled out by a quick glimpse into your ear.

I’m sorry, but the doctors is the place to be for you right now.

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Hi, I’m an Audiologist. Sudden hearing loss could be caused by something as simple as occluding cerumen (ear wax) or eustachian tube dysfunction; or something far more serious, like a tumor or inner ear infection. Examination by a qualified professional is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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You do have to check it out with a doctor. Hopefully soon we will have health insurance, and you will not have to go into hock to find out what is wrong with you, but for now, suck it up and go.

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@ShanEnri: I do hope that it’s nothing, but you never know… some causes have better chance if recovery the sooner treatment is started. Good luck!

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Thank you all for your answers! I called my doctor and described my symptoms. He told me to try taking some cold medicine. I did and it worked!

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Oh, good! It must have just been eustachian tube dysfunction causing negative pressure behind the eardrum. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

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