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Why are car manufacturers creating this new "smart key" which is twice the size the weight of a regular key -- both of which start the car?

Asked by suzannevancleve (15points) December 4th, 2009

This issue is preventing me from buying a new Lexus—that’s how much I hate it. I already locked the key in the car of the loaner that I have from the dealership while they are fixing my 2006 Lexus.

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Everything is better when it have a tonne of electronics and tech shoved into it.

Everyone knows that.

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So they can charge &150. to replace a lost one.

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Easier to re’program a CPU, than to order another fucking lazer engraved key from germany, like I had to for my VW.

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Well, all I can say is that at least you have an issue with buying a Lexus. I can barely think about buying one.

I ride my bike to work

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I don’t understand how the Lexus allowed you to lock the key in the car. My MINI Cooper has a smart key, and it’s impossible to lock the key in the car because it has sensors in it that tell whether the key is inside or outside the vehicle. Mine is also the keyless start, so I’m assuming that is what you mean, because I know it is available on Lexus vehicles. My son worked at a Lexus dealer for over a year, so if he can give me more information, I’ll come back and add it.

The keys can store the users’ preferences, so that different drivers can set the car’s functions to their liking, and it is stored in the key. Mine also stores data from the trip computer. I like that I don’t have to dig for the key… it just has to be on me and I can unlock and operate the vehicle.

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They put the electronics in the key to make the car harder to steal.

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I don’t know why they’re creating these, but I still have nightmares about this style of key.

I used to manage a carwash in Denver. The big trend in fancy cars (Infinitis, BMWs, Audis in particular) was the keyfob that worked wirelessly. Your wireless key had to be within so many feet of the engine to start the car. As can only be expected, this fob tended to get shoved into the depths of the car owner’s purse. Which meant, if they left the premises after ordering an expensive detailing package, that we couldn’t start the car again at the end of the carwash tunnel. Nothing ever gave me a greater headache in the year and a half that I ran that place.

What a terrible, terrible idea that was.

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they try to make the end user believe this is a better and safer technology when the truth is it really isnt let me put it to you this way ” I used to work for a locksmith several years back” i started when this technology first started to become available ..

1. you have to go back to the dealer or auto maker to get the newest keys because they are an encrypted technology copyrighted by the automaker they can keep all profits in house cutting out the other guys who used to be able to undercut them like the locksmith which also allows them to make the market price

2. it isnt nearly as safe as mechanical keys because they use radio technology to send and receive signals and any one who used a cb radio or has had any experience at all with cell phones or cordless phones it is not impossible to reverse the technology to created a copy or duplicate a signal even at 1200 Ghz you can pick up military radio signals on a home cb radio or some thing you can pick up at radio shack to listen in on police calls

3 mechanical keys used a weight and lever system of mechanic which if done right could be bypassed but not very easy and it could be made more difficult to bypass if need be by adding more combination’s of different weights which could also be cheaply done at the customers expense by going to a locksmith

4 high tech hackers are already in the works I can almost guarantee it

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My mom has one of those keys. I hate them; they’re so big and bulky. I hate carrying any unnecessary weight in my pockets. I hate that I can’t go to the hardware store and get a copy made for $2. I hate that a lot of new cars don’t even have a place for the key except on the driver’s door. You can’t open the trunk with the damn key, you have to “beep” it open.

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