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What is a good camera for 300$ or under?

Asked by jambon_777 (37points) December 6th, 2009

I’m looking for a nice camera to buy since my old one broke. One with good quality for under 300$. What are your recommendations? Thanks.

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You may want to check out this thread.

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I strongly recommend the Lumix. It’s really inexpensive and takes amazing pictures for a point and shoot. You can sometimes find the highest end models on sale for 250.00.

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Are you looking for anything in particular? ie, a big zoom, touch screen, certain megapixels, sleek design, whatever…? That tends to help in narrowing it down, since there are soo many cameras to choose from.

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Thanks guys for all your answers.

@deni I am looking for a small attractive compact camera with good picture quality. I don’t need one of those huge ones with the gigantic lens.

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I HIGHLY reccomend the Nikon CoolPix L100

I’ve had it for over year. Amazing quality. And amazing pictures.

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Canon SD1200IS for $150 should satisfy most
Canon SD980 $300 if you feel like throwing some cash and get a larger focal range.

The Nikon L100 is not a very compact camera. Anyone who wants an ultra zoom for more bulk would love it though.

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i agree with @arpinum. the Nikon L100 is not very compact so if you are looking for a small camera, i wouldn’t suggest it. Although it is fairly light.

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@tyrantxseries has a great suggestion with the a580. Takes AA batteries, has everything you might need. A bit bulkier than the SD line, it won’t fit into a pair of skinny jeans, but still a good choice. Only problem with this cam is that the recycle rate on the flash is poor.

I thought it was discontinued? If you can find it, it might be $60—$70, and would be the best digital bargain camera.

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I disagree about geting one that takes AA batteries. Almost every small camera now takes the lithium battery, for a reason, because that battery will last weeks and allows for a bit of a sleeker design. And…it’s just far less of a hassle.

This one looks good to me, plus its canon

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You can get AA lithium batteries. I agree the non-AA batteries are sleeker, but more expensive. Again, I liked it as a budget camera.

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If you’re looking for something modern, convenient and efficient – the Sony Cybershot and Nikon Coolpix range have some nice compact cameras. I’m sure all manufacturers have nice compact cameras, but these are the ones I have used specifically and would recommend. The most important thing to look for in a camera is the image sensor. Pay no mind to mexapixels – unless there is an insanely high amount, because this usually means all the data is crammed into a tiny image sensor. Six mexapixels is more than enough in a compact point and shoot camera.

@jambon_777 You specifically asked for a digital camera, but have you considered a film camera? In comparison to digital point and shoot cameras, film cameras are superior in dynamic range, resolution, and tonal quality, amongst a myriad of other things. 35mm SLRs are the easiest to learn, however if you’d like something a little more compact a rangefinder would be sufficient. Both of these can be had for well under $300 – usually well under $100. You mentioned that you didn’t want to carry around a large lense, so I’d suggest getting a prime! 50mm lenses are super cheap and easy to come by in any old camera shops, and because they usually have “fast glass” – they perform exceptionally well in low-lighting without the aid of a flash.

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