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Do these words work in the sentences correctly?

Asked by smile1 (493points) December 7th, 2009

I need to use the following words in definitive sentences…could you guys help me edit them to make them grammatically correct? THANKS!

Altruistic: The altruistic deed that the lady did for the food bank was greatly appreciated by the homeless.

Clandestine: My best friend and I met at a clandestine meeting-place in the dark alley to discuss our evil plans to conquer the world.

Deprecate: Many elementary teachers have the tendency to deprecate to their students, by stooping low, and talking in a childish voice.

Incipient: Our incipient plans to conquer the world are beginning to fall into place.

Perfunctory: The boss gave such a perfunctory examination of our workspaces, that he never noticed the half played chess game in the corner of the room.

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Everything seems fine to me except the word “deprecate”. One deprecates someone or something by finding fault with it. One does not deprecate to someone or something.

Check your punctuation, especially the use of the comma in one answer.

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And since you have done such a fine job, here’s a little gift. Use a hyphen in half-played. And give up those grandiose and surreptitious plans to conquer the world.

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@pdworkin so say, for deprecate may i write:

Many people deprecate the poor choices students take in cheating.

@gailcalled haha. thanks. I can always plan! :P—

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I always deprecate the people who choose to talk poorly, when they are well-educated.

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@smile1: Did you find the misuse of the comma?

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you need to work on your structure. the altruistic motive that the lady had was appreciated.. my friend and I met at a clandestine place to discuss….the rest are ok

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@gailcalled…no i didnt!

@pdworkin and that second sentence works fine as well? :)

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@trailsillustrated would this work?
The altruistic motive that the lady had was appreciated by the homeless when she donated a great deal of time to the homeless shelter.

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In my opinion you have learned these words and are using them in a way that shows that you are clear about the meanings. You haven’t written perfect sentences, but neither has any other writer, most of the time.

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@pdworkin :) really great to hear!

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Thanks all! :) Gives me a bit more confidence when i turn it in to my picky english teacher! :)

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You may not believe me now, but later you will be glad you had a picky teacher.

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@smile1, Just want to tell you that we appreciate the fact that you didn’t ask us to do your homework. We are happy to help people like you who are attempting to learn. It is refreshing!

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@pdworkin haha. :) i can kind of see how beneficial to me…KIND OF! :P

@Judi :)

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