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Do you feel uncomfortable in certain areas/towns/cities?

Asked by DominicX (28803points) December 8th, 2009

I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable in some small towns that seem more conservative. My family likes to take road trips and I hate having to stop to use the bathroom in a small town or rest stop along I-5 in Oregon or along U.S.-101 in northern California. Especially when everyone at the rest stop is a big trucker guy and I’m just this pansy gay boy from the city…I’d rather my dad go in with me…

It’s not that I assume everyone at these places is homophobic or prejudiced or anything, but there are just certain places where I feel a little uncomfortable or intimidated.

Does anyone else experience anything like this?

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I’m very uncomfortable in the city of Buffalo. It’s scary. And ghetto. You can’t walk down the street alone without feeling like there’s a possibilty of getting mugged or shot.

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I’m from a very right wing town in the mid-west and have lived in a very, very liberal city so I have no problem being in either type of locale.

Having said that, I wouldn’t want to spend the last of my days in a small town. They’re boring.

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Very soon (within a couple of months) I’m going to be really nervous in small towns if I don’t have a sweater. But I decided that an evolution tattoo would be worth the potential judgment just as I wear my atheism on my sleeve because I don’t believe that I have any reason to need to hide it. (That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had experiences that have given me reason to be nervous, though.)

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I’m uncomfortable in big cities.
I grew up in a dirty south farm town. I can protect myself in that situation.
But big cities scare the hell out of me.
Too many people.

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I like small and ‘middle of nowhere’ towns. The thrift stores are always slammin and the dive bars are often packed with interesting characters.

I’m mostly uncomfortable in places far from the ocean. I’ve always lived near the water and can’t stand to be landlocked.

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I feel that way when I go to San Francisco. (which I’ll be going to next week) Im not used to alot of people, where I live you rarely ever see your neighbors outside of their house.

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Ooh, I’m coming back from college next week. I’ll be in San Francisco (that’s where I live). We should party. :)

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I have a feeling i would be uncofortable in Tehran… not sure why though…~

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@DominicX I would love to!

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I felt uncomfortable every time I visited my boyfriend in his apartment in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento, where you could see prostitutes strutting down his street at 5 in the afternoon and where 3 of the houses adjacent to his were abandoned.

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I felt slightly uncomfortable tonight as I pulled up to a gas station/convenience store, about 9:30 at night, just to buy a couple gallons of milk as it’s about the cheapest place in town to get it. There are several location of this gas station, but I was closest to one that is in a fairly more ghetto part of town than I’m used to frequenting. But it is well lit, at a busy intersection and I didn’t expect any problems. As I pull up to the sign that says “no loitering by order of the police”, I see a man loitering between where I parked and the entrance to the store. I got out of my car and he says, “ah man, you got beat up.”

I didn’t know WHAT the hell he was talking about. I thought maybe my car had gotten hit and I didn’t know, so I’m looking at my car. He says, “I can tell, you look like you just got beat up.” I have no friggin’ clue what he means, I’m just a fat middle aged guy buying milk, I haven’t been in a fight in decades, I’m showered and well rested for the day, have no idea why I’d look like I got beat up, but whatever. So I say, “nah, I’m fine.”

Then he says, “I got girls, I can get you some girls if you want.” I say, “no thanks.” He says “I’m serious, I can get you some girls.” I reply, “Nah, I’m good.” I go in, bring my milk to the counter, and the woman at the register is dancing around like she’s been hurt. Says she just got a paper cut. I tell her to take her time. I don’t say anything about the pimp as I’m not morally opposed to prostitution and I only have $3.84 in cash on me so I’m not too worried about getting mugged when I exit the store.

So, I check out, and when I get out there, the pimp is talking to the two guys who checked out just in front of me. He is talking animatedly, points at the first guy, “I’ll get you fucked,” points at the second guy “I’ll get you fucked.” Then he says ”$25” about 3 times. The three men start walking away, and I hear the pimp say the address.

So I might be going to a different location to get my milk from now on, it was a little “uncomfortable”.

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I feel uncomfortable in parts of the Upper Northwest area of Washington DC. That area is known for being wealthy in an “old money” sort of way, but it’s starting to look more shabby/ genteel. It’s starting to feel like time is leaving this area behind. There are a lot of exciting things coming to other parts of the city, and lights, hustle and bustle, and people. I was in this area the other day at around 9pm on a Saturday, and it was really dark and quiet, almost desolate. It made me feel really sad for some reason.

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@Haleth – upper northwest used to be the only safe place to walk in DC. Do you mean like upper end of Connecticut Ave or off Wisconsin? I love DC, one of my favorite cities.

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I hate when I am walking down the street and meet a group of young males, especially if they have obviously been drinking. In Darwin it seems as if kids are going mad and they don’t know how to punish them so they just keep doing it. The courts just give them a talking to and off they go to repeat offend.

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I’ve felt uncomfortable in just about every setting at one time or another. I guess it depends more on me, than my location.

There was a point that being around hookers and dealers wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. There have also been points where being around wealthy people and personal rent a cops were nothing out of the ordinary.

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Never. I fear nothing.

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The entire state of Idaho.

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Casper, Wyoming.

Don’t know why. I’ve traveled over most of Wyoming and the West and love it, but for some reason Casper specifically just gave me major bad vibes. I had to stop there once to get something to eat, and it just felt like the devil had sucked every last drop of soul out of that town. I couldn’t get out fast enough.

There are plenty of places I’m not crazy about, but I can’t remember ever feeling quite that negatively about a place.

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I used to feel really uncomfortable in small towns, but now I really like them.

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whenever I fly cross country, I always pray: Please, Lord, don’t let me die in Texas!

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I went back to my old neighborhood once after I graduated uni and it was dead scary. The place had gotten worse with the drugs and crime after I’d left.

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I feel uncomfortable in my college town. There are frequent muggings, and we get emails from campus police letting us know. It used to be that people alone in the dark late at night were at risk, but now groups of people in broad daylight right in the middle of campus have incidents. I would really like to study in the library then carry my computer home at night, but I really like my possessions! Good thing I’m getting out in May.
I’m especially uncomfortable as a female.

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There are states that are uncomfortable with many of my views – and I let those views be known…said discomfort is their problem, not mine…I grew up in Brooklyn, I can handle myself anywhere

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@rooeytoo I know! About 10, 20 years ago, most places were still pretty unsafe. Things changed really quickly. A lot of people are upset about DC gentrifying, because it’s pushing poor people out of their homes and turning parts of the city into a big Whole Foods/ Starbucks/ yoga studio type thing. I was referring to upper Connecticut. It just gives me the heebie jeebies.

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Okay, I’m guessing that the “Trucker” using the pisser at a Truck Stop DOES NOT live in the area. Otherwise he would probably pee at home. Thus, the small towns along I-5 and Hwy 101 are the LOCALS, and have no need of the Truck Stop / Rest Area. Those using the Rest Area’s and Truck Stops are travelers just like you. Maybe even from your home town or area.

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That wasn’t my only example. That’s part of it, but not all of it. Either way, I don’t care where there from, but it is known that more rural areas of northern California and such are more conservative and I feel different there than I do in the SF Bay Area.

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@DominicX I doubt that anyone would care…
Seems you might be a bit self-conscious.
As far as Conservative in Nor Cal…
Ever stop in Arcata or Eureka?
It’s damn near the SF Bay Area North

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Most European cities are relatively safe, but there are a few exceptions. Genoa and Naples in Italy comes to mind. Many years ago I witnessed an assault on a woman in Genoa. It’s kind of hard to forget things like that. I love Italy, but somehow I don’t want to visit Genoa again, at least not at night.

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I’m gay and I dislike many manly places, it’s all in my head because most people I know in these places don’t care about gay lads but it’s maybe because I’m slightly camp and I don’t really fit in.

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