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What is fun and interesting to do along the CA/OR border?

Asked by tinyfaery (42839points) May 26th, 2010

The wife and I are going to Klamath from Friday to Monday. We plan to visit a big cat rescue near Cave Junction, OR, but other than that, we have no big plans.

We are staying at a B&B that we have been to a few times, so we know what there is to do around Klamath, but what else is there to do in the area?

I don’t want to drive more than 2–3 hours from Klamath.

Any suggestions?

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Do you guys camp? The Russian River is gorgeous, and there are redwoods!

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Uh…B&B, no camping. ;)

I think I’ve seen every inch of the Redwood Park.

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(I tried)

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Highway 101, north of Klamath, is a beautiful drive. Maybe you can just drive the highway and just stop where you want. You might see some seals.

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It’s a bit inland from Klamath (and probably more than your 3 hours) is Mt Shasta, which is amazing.

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@grumpyfish Mt. Shasta is beautiful, but a bit far to drive.

I think I need to stop vacationing in CA. I’m getting to the point where I have seen it all.

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Been to the Trees of Mystery? That’s basically right in Klamath.

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@DominicX Been there, too.

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Go the state line and jump back and forth from state to state. It’s probably not that fun but it is something to do….

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What about the Shakespeare festival in Ashland, OR?

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Oregon Caves National Park. Stalactites and Stalagmites, amazing to see. You can’t enjoy this place if you’re at all claustrophobic. It’s about 80 miles from Klamath Falls.

Lake of the Woods Resort. I have some great memories of being there as a kid. It’s a good place to windsurf, if you’re into that.

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@eden2eve The caves sound great. Thanks.

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I was going to suggest the caves too, but I’m too late. They’re extremely close to the big cat rescue, so it should work out pretty well.

I don’t know how you feel about stuff like this, but I found the big cat rescue to be a little depressing. Some of the cats (like the lions) have pretty small enclosures. But, they’re trying to do a good thing, so yeah. You do get to pet one of them, though.

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@eden2eve Seconding the caves.

Personally, I live about an hour from where you will be in Humboldt County, and if you don’t mind driving down to Arcata (which is amazing, by the way), you can catch the Kinetic Sculpture Race this weekend. It’s also a really nice drive down to Arcata (on 101, you can also catch Prairie Creek State Park). It’s a pretty awesome event, and Arcata (and Humboldt in general) is a really cool place if it’s your cup of tea.

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Not sure how far the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland will be from you, but you could check that out.

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