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Is getting a law degree like owning a pickup truck?

Asked by Basketcase (198points) December 8th, 2009

When I owned a pickup truck I was asked to help folks move a lot. I am wondering if it will be the same if I become a Lawyer.(I am applying for Law School) I am wondering if Lawyers, like Doctors, also are called into service by family and friends and if it affects their relationships.

I am not at all adverse to helping- in fact my goal in Law is to help people. I would just like to know how it might affect my relationships with family and friends.

Many thanks!

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yep. I ask my brother in law quetions all the time. Sorry.

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Sure it will be. The way you handle the situation will determine if you are taken advantage of or not. I’m an airline pilot and people ask me aviation related questions all the time. Like, “how do I get cheap tickets?, and can you fly me for free?”

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@Judi Is he your brother-in-law or your brother in law?

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Great question – I have no expert answer but I suspect so. I’m a librarian and people are always asking me about books. Welcome to Fluther!

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Bill ‘em.

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Yep. So go buy a truck, a car dealership, get your MD, a computer science certification and work at a bar- you’ll be set!

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Of course they will! I have a friend who’s a doctor, and he answers all questions openly and willingly…well, most of them. If he’s asked about something that may be serious, he’ll advise going to the doctor. He doesn’t want to give any sort of diagnosis when he can’t see the patient. Just like you…you won’t be able to answer some questions without knowing all the details, so you gotta be careful there.

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@jfus, are you an attorney or something?~ maybe an English teacher?.~

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Actually is more like buying a first class ticket to hell

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@Judi I just thought it was funny that you said brother in law… because it could mean the husband of your sister or your mother’s son who happens to be in the practice of law… And since it was a lawyer-related question… anything?

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This consideration stopped me from deciding on law school for the longest time. I have a large, tight extended family who I’m already doing favors for all the time because I’m knowledgeable in computer repair and tons of other stuff. Getting a law degree would make me a full-time family law adviser.

To resolve this, I’ve decided I’m going to concentrate on a field of law that I’m sure my relatives know nothing about, like intellectual property. That way, if I get asked about traffic tickets or car accidents, I can simply claim that it’s not my field.

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@flameboi Are you perchance saying that all lawyers go to hell? Clarify please.

@drdoombot That is exactly what I have been thinking of doing -intellectual property. My goal is to be able to help people. I am not interested in ambulance chasing or defending. Chances are I would work in a low-cost clinic.

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Just tell ‘em you’re a “Patent” attorney…
That should slow ‘em down a bit…

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Just tell them you’re an attorney practicing VD laws. That’ll REALLY slow ‘em down!

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When I tell my family I am interested in Law school I am getting a lot of negative feedback. It seems that being a Lawyer is not a respected profession to my blue-collar family. : /

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So…what kind of lawyer do you really want to be? They do have a bad rep, but that’s because of just a few. You know how it is….

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Intellectual Property- law regarding patents, copyright and trademarks. It is where my interests lie. :)

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This should be your last conern. It is easlily manageable. Your greatest concern should be the extreme expense associated with law school. The next concern should be understanding that in today’s law schools in the US there is a very real attempt at political brainwashing.

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@Basketcase IP and patent are two separate fields in law. The latter requires a science or engineering-related degree and you’ll have to take the patent bar exam in addition to the regular bar exam.

@UScitizen I’d like to know more about this political brainwashing. Could you give some more detail?

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@drdoombot Thanks for that information. Not only does it make sense but it really helps me understand more of where I want to go with law.

Are you accepted into law school yet? I downloaded my application and am filling it out. It is really exciting!

@UScitizen I am going to a school that is $445.00 a unit and am saving up in advance for it. To me the education is worth it. That price is better than the State Universities.
Like @drdoombot I would like to know more about this “brainwashing”. It seems to me that when I got my baccalaureate degree many instructors had a political agenda but it is part of the college experience learning to determine what you stand for and believe.

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