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What are some credible resourses for learning and training in the art of Tantra?

Asked by sunya13 (169points) December 11th, 2009

I have never been interested in such arts until just recently…I have fallen in love…we have not yet made love, but both have expressed the need to do so in a highly spiritual manor…

have never trained in the arts of Tantra

I know my body well enough to realize that I have problems with controlling or rather properly guiding my flow of energy, this manifests as premature ejaculation followed by flaccidness of the phallus

this woman is also inexperienced with guiding her energy, this manifests in her in the lack of orgasm

we can not afford expensive seminars and classes from Tantric Masters, and prefer to practice on our own any how

what are some good sources of information, literature, videos etc

that we can begin training with

Thank you all for this great community and resource

Namaste’ ~ Sunyata Rakshasa

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First of all, the only way to really, really enjoy Tantric sex…is to be with someone that you are very committed to, very much in love with, and very intimate with on all levels: and that means that you have to be really merging already. If you are sort of wanting to do this for an “experiment”, then, no, it will not work.

I say this, because I was once contacted out of the blue by phone by a man that I had met briefly at an unrelated consciousness seminar the year before. He wanted to take a tantra seminar and asked if I would go with him! I realized that this is what people think—“I can go and get my thrills and just ask anyone to partner with me”. Uh…no. You need to be with someone that you know intimately and that you are very close to.
I refused his invitation and told him why.
Both of you, also, must want it and understand it. And it is not primarily (as many people erroneously believe) about the sex. It’s about an exchange of higher vibratory energies, so you have to be ready and prepared.

I highly suggest the work of Margo Anand ( She has a series of interactive videos and she is really highly regarded in the field. It might may a nice present to yourselves this season.

Best of luck.

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As @DarlingRhadamanthus said above, being in Love is a prerequsite for “making love”.
After that, know that the biggest organ to please her with is that one between your ears. From there just let your loving nature take its’ course… and take it S L L L O W w w w. w.

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I think I remember seeing a friend reading a book called “The Tao of Sex” or something close to that.

I’m sure you could use & their search feature.

Or call your local library and see if they have something along those lines. Let us know how it works out!

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@Bagardbilla oooooh…fancy taking it slow…;-)???

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As far as I am familiar, Barbara Carellas’ work is great – I have worked with her personally on achieving better orgasms in a group setting (with clothes on). Please go here

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@DarlingRhadamanthus yes we are very connected already it is strange but we have a connection i have had with no other before her…we are very much falling in love and are taking Tantra seriously…thank you for the sound advice and the web site

namaste’ friend

to all others thank you very much it was very helpfull

to @lynneblundell please do not come to a question just looking to bad mouth other peoples answers it is disrespectful and rude…please take your trolling elsewhere

namaste my friends and thanks again

~ Sunya

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@sunya13 please do not judge me when you do not even know me…I wasn’t bad mouthing your question…I was merely being playful. Clearly in your enlightenment you need a little bit more practice. I’m sorry you felt I was being disrespectful and rude…but you are wrong. I shall leave now. Thank you for enlightening me!

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There is a well produced podcast entitled “Sex -Tantra and Kama Sutra: Bringing You the Soul of Sex.”: It tends to be well rounded and insightful.

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