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What is the coldest temperature you'd be willing to live in?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 12th, 2009

Some people prefer to live in the warmer climates and some people prefer to live in the cold climates. I’m curious which do you prefer. I myself prefer the colder climates as I live in Montana! The temp. drops to -30 many times during the winter months. Add in the windchill and it is -50 sometimes.

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-1.11111111 Celsius
or 30 Fahrenheit

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it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit here last night – i stepped in dog shit, and it crumbled…so there is always a plus side.

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Not where you live that’s for sure ((( sHiVeR)))

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+71° F or +22° C

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@Xilas that is a good thing. Well I mean at least you didn’t step in gooooooy dog shit with barefeet! lol Thanks!!!

@ucme Awwww comeone where is your sense of adventure? ROFL!!!

@MENSAN Wowza! you are not leaving the warmth are ya? lol Thanks! Do you ever vacation in the colder regions?

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If I could have it my way, I’d never have to endure anything under 70º F

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it gets to be around -70(celsius) with windchill and around -40 or -50 without windchill in my hometown. i miss it! i lurve me some winter!

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I love temperate climates, but apparently, I’m willing to lower my standards. It is 4 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now!

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Probably somewhere like Massachusetts, I LOVE cold weather

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As I get older, my cold tolerance is getting less and less. Our temps here in IL can get below 0 sometimes. That is TOO cold. Although I know it’s nothing compared to what you get Nunya. I hope to be able retire in a more moderate climate. I can do 30 F., but hate when it gets colder.

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I am a total wimp- born and raised in Southern California. I think I am going to freeze to death when the temp drops below 40 degrees. :)

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I love the cold! It is my dream to live in the upper peninsula of Michigan along the shore of Lake Superior. I live in Illinois now. Not quite snowy or cold enough for me here.

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@PretentiousArtist That is about right! Thanks!

@Facade I understand that!!!

@juwhite1 BURRRRRR! Oh my! We just went through a cold spell of -30 and the windchill -50! But it is a balmy 14 outside today!

@XOXMSperfect Me too! I love the cold so much more then the warm! Thanks!

@ABJustPlainBarb There she is!!! I totally understand Barb! Thanks!

@Dog HAHAHA! I can believe it! I have family in the warmer climates and they don’t come to visit me often. Even the summer weather is too cold for them. Thanks!

@jonsblond I agree! I like it colder as well! Thanks!

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I like winter. When I lived in Southern California I would drive to the mountains for the snow, and visit the midwest in December or January.

But I wouldn’t like to live much further north because of the short winter days.

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@NUNYA I have never been to Montana. I’m sure I would love it though. :)

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you guys should come and try northern canada! :)

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Hmm. The coldest place I’ve ever lived in had occasional temps of -25° F, so I’ll say that’s my limit on cold.

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50 degrees up to 70 degrees is nice…
lately it’s been 38 at night…brrr for me.

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-50 is bad, but I was quite happy living in Germany and Poland (+20 in summer, -12 in winter). I guess I’d put up with -20 or -25, but I imagine I’d be too cold lower than that.

Living in Greece (often over 35 in the summer) is unbearable, so certainly not a sun-lover.

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@jonsblond I really think you would! Not only beautiful but it isn’t congested like manyy of the larger states! Winters and summers are both cool weather! If we get to 80 we think we are going to die!!! Cook onto the sidewalks! lol

@mclaugh I would really love to visit Canada! I think it would be so great! Maybe I will get to someday!!!

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@mclaugh Where are you? I’m in Alberta, supposed to be -32C haere tomorrow. This is too cold for me and winter lasts too long. But there is nothing like An Alberta summer. 18 hour days, +30C days

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im in northern ontario! :)

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Miles and miles of forest!

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I’m in DC, and the winters here aren’t all that bad. I’m guessing it’s a range of 20 -40 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time. I don’t understand why people don’t dress appropriately for the weather. I always see women walking around in ugg boots and coats or pullovers with bare legs. WTF? The summers here are unbearable. It’s always humid because DC was originally built on swampland. I’d definitely rather live in a cooler climate with milder summers.

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@Haleth Well said! Thanks!

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It was -10 here the other night. Really wasn’t as cold as it sounds.

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@NUNYA: I once spent 9 days in Anchorage AK in 1992. It was blizzardlike conditions, with the temperature getting as low as +65° F (+18° C)!

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@chelseababyy I know what you mean. It really sounds worse then it is! We have adapted to our surroundings and to us it is “just fine”. When we get 40 degrees we are in tshirts and pants with no jacket/coat. Is it shorts weather when it is 60 outside. HAHAHAHA!

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@MENSAN and as I mentined in a comment to chelseababyy when we get into the 60’s we wear shorts! lol If it gets to the 80’s we HATE it! Well thanks much Mensan!!! As always my friend!!!

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A Canadian here with tough skin. 45 F and up, folks. Otherwise, I am no good to anyone.

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@NUNYA Well I’m from the East Coast originally. 30 degrees there, and 30 degrees here in Denver are complete different. It’s so much colder over there because of the humidity.

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I hate “windchill” and “lake-effect snow”. Whenever you live in a city that advertises it’s news stations by their meteorology technology, you’re in trouble.

But I’m here to be near my loved ones. That keeps me warm. Family over weather.

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I live in the midwest. It gets very cold here in the winters. Wind chills well below zero, and sometimes even air temp gets well below zero. Its not that I like the winters but the midwest is my home, where I have lived all my life. Still, would love to someday move south.

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I’ve lived up in Ohio and can remember below ZERO temperatures…. UGH / Brrrrr ! Can’t stand the cold anymore or the snow ‘n ice that come with it….

I now live in Florida ; where it is in the mid 70’s today .. YEA !!!!

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Anything below 30 degrees for me, is to cold for me NUNYA

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I am an L.A. girl, but I hate the heat. The best climate I have ever experienced is Vancouver B.C. I don’t mind ocassional snow flurries or all the rain. The summers are nice. Hey, they actually have seasons. What a concept

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@tinyfaery What a great place to be temperature-wise (B.C.). How long were you there?

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As soon as I have to put pants and a sweater on it is too cold.

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@chelseababyy as long as the wind isn’t blowing hard, it really doesn’t seem that cold but the wind cuts through my clothes .. i need a jacket for my jacket.

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Living in Scotland we are lucky to see over 25 degrees C in summertime (average) and as cold as -4 in winter. I like the varied weather, some days you never know what’s coming and it can be raining in the morning, misty by afternoon, sunny by 4pm and snowing in the evening! It’s cool.! lol

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—8 months, when I was 20 years old. I had Canadian friends and they invited me along. I was there from July to March. I saw the sun, the fall,
the fog, the rain, and light snow.—

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I personally will be able to tolerate upto 20 minus.

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@scotsbloke – Scotland is one of the places I look most forward to seeing.

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@aprilsimnel Well, I will garuantee you will get a very warm welcome! It’s absolutely beautiful here – there is so much to see and do! Dont put it off too long…....

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70f anything lower i start to shake violently and my teeth chatter.

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I like living where there are four distinct seasons. I grew up in Southern California but moved to the Northeast around 40 years ago. I much prefer the Northeast, even though the rural area where I live does experience temperatures of 30 below 0 f. from time to time.

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Probably up to the temperature that wont instantly kill me.

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I dont mind the snow, hate it being to hot tho. So probely around 26 f -4 c

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I live in Massachusetts and grew up in upstate New York – I can deal with what I considering moderately cold winters. It’s usually above 0ºF. I’d probably be fine in southern Canada… Northern Canada and Alaska might be pushing it, but it’d be more because of the dark than the cold I think. I love snow too much to live in the south!

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50 degrees.

however, like @fireinthepriory, i’m from MA… so i am forced to deal with reallyreallyreally cold temperatures when i go home. college in VA is a wonderful thing :)

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I’m a cold weather person. Heat and humidity bother me much more than cold does. I’m a native of northern New England, even the summer temperatures here bother me to some extent. I was stationed in Fairbanks AK for a time and “wintered over” at the South Pole. Issues of extreme cold are just a matter of insulation and heat sources. You can always put on more clothing but there is only so much that you can decently remove.

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I was initiated into the 200 Club at Amundsen-Scott station. This involes streaking around the Pole marker (boots only) with a temperature difference of at least 200F, This involves a sauna to create the delta-T,

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@NUNYA You probably know better than to lick a light pole in mid-winter if you’re from MT. I had to rescue a guy from TX that had down that on a dare at Ft. Wainwright.

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These type of questions always make me think of @Les. She just returned from Antarctica. Hopefully she’ll answer this.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land Heat and humidity bother me more than the cold too. I’m miserable if the temp. reaches above 68F.

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In central ME, we routinely get into the -30’s, WCF into -50’s on occaision.

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@jonblond Maybe she’s a member of “the Club: then. Was she at the Pole?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land She posted a pic of herself wearing the Fluther tshirt at McMurdo Station I believe. I’ll send this question to her. She’s an awesome jelly!

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Anywhere that it stays above freezing.

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@jonsblond – Thanks for the notice! Here I am
in McMurdo. This, I guess answers two recent questions, Yes I would buy I Fluther shirt, and the coldest temp I’d be willing to live in was -50 degrees (F) with 40 knot winds, for a grand total of -90 degree windchills. Whoo hoo!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land – You wintered! Oh, I’m jealous. I almost got the opportunity to do that this coming winter…We should chat sometime.

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For the right price, I will live anywhere with the possible exception of Antarctica. If I can build myself a sunroom, and have an indoor, heated pool, plus enough excess income to visit relatives in San Diego, I will be happy.

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I’ve lived in Winnipeg, Winters there can go down to -40. I can hack that. I’m totally a Viking man.

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Seeing as the temperature here at the moment is nearly at boiling point I’d be happy to live anywhere cold…hell I’d even live in Antarctica right now.

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Anyplace thats stay warm, is good for me:-)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Les I’ve never been on the coast of Antarctica. We flew in and out in a C-141. I only saw the coast once, from 35,000 ft. I was the “maintenance guy” who kept the power, heat ad water flowing, wintered in 1980, got the Antarctic Service Ribbon with Wintered Over device. I’m also a member of the 200 Club. I wasn’t a scientist, just a young Army engineer lieutenant, sort of “building super” and head janitor.

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Since I live at one of the coldest places in the USA, I would have to stick to the lowest temperature here, -40°F, and that’s without windchill. Though I would love to be somewhere warmer. At least in the positive side during the winter. Oh well…

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Nice and cold for me. In the UK, although it gets cold in the winter, it’s a damp cold that gets into your bones. Not good. But a dry healthy cold would be great. I was born in November so the winter seems to be my bag.

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The nice thing about living in a really cold place is… the temperature conversion between °F / °C is not needed: at -40, they’re equal. I was in Wisconsin in the late 80s when we had some winters at -20°F for a week at a time.

But it was a dry cold, so it wasn’t so bad…

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@CyanoticWasp, Me, too! A Madison winter is no joke!

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I rode a police motorcycle for seven years. my city is about average in year ‘round temperatures. the summers are not too hot and the winters are not to cold. did i say too cold? the coldest i have ever been in my life was riding that police motorcycle. i remember one year when the outside temperature was plus 5 degrees. all of us motorcycle officers wanted to drive police cars that day, but there was a shortage of police vehicles, due to numerous police-related accidents. we had no choice, but to ride our Harleys. the higher ups insisted that we patrol the interstates for speeders. have you ever ridden a motorcycle at 70 mph when the temperature is plus 5 above? cold is not the word to describe how we felt. we had on protective gear, but that was not enough. the wind chill at that speed had to be somehwere around 50 to 60 below zero. everything on my face froze solid. my nose began to run and it instantly froze to my face. and, you dare not spit on the road. it would freeze before it left your mouth. this was an experience that you can tell i will never forget. today, when its 32 degrees outside, thats like a day in the sunshine compared those seven years on a motorcycle.

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Seeing that there is info missing, like how long I would have to live in it, if we are talking a few weeks or maybe a few months then I guess 54 deg fahr like now. If I had my choice I would not live anywhere cooler than 84 deg in the day and no cooler than 71 deg at night.

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