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Do you really enjoy the food you eat?

Asked by Dabria (450points) December 12th, 2009

Is the food you eat chosen because of health or cost or because you really enjoy that particular food?

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When I eat, I make sure I really enjoy it… I love eating!

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yeah I love food. I had like 10 fruit roll ups today so far.

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Yes I do and I don’t eat fast food very often…Thanks for the question Dabria. :)

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Sure! It would kinda suck otherwise. Had sushi today, and it was good! : p

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Yes, I do. I don’t usually eat food if I don’t enjoy it. Sometimes I do, though. It doesn’t mean I hate it, just that it’s not that interesting, like Total cereal. :)

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yes as long as i dont have to cook it

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Right now it’s because of cost. I really don’t enjoy most of the stuff I eat right now.

But when I have money, I eat what I enjoy, whether it is healthy or not.

I went through a period (after reading a book called Slaughter, I think) where I stopped eating meat.. but it is SO damn expensive to be a vegetarian. So I just stopped eating chicken for a while, but eventually I gave up on that, too.

But after watching Food Inc recently, and being reminded of the things I learned from the book I read, I’ve decided once I have money again I’ll shop at farmer’s markets and stop buying overly processed foods.

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Sometimes I’m too lazy to make or get something I really like, so I end up eating leftovers or food that was frozen before I heated it.
After Thanksgiving I make turkey and cranberry sandwiches. Yeah, I really like that. It’s days like that – when I take the time to make something I love – that I enjoy what I eat.

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yep. especially if it’s curry laksa :P

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i use to eat for pure enjoyment only… now since my weight loss – i eat just to knock off the hunger

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not really honestly ive grown to tolerate it , I used to have a complex palate but since then have had to learn to some what like what I can afford the last few years

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I eat what I can afford. I do enjoy the food that I eat but I would enjoy the food i don’t eat much much more. I’m the person in the restauraunt that always regrets what I order once I see everyone elses food. I’ll go grocery shopping and then crave something I don’t have. I want the elusive I guess, that which I cannot have..

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It’s all about the taste for me. Just finished some egg drop soup that was to die for.

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I don’t really…sometimes I think I have a disorder, but I eat. I just don’t ever really care to eat. I eat because I have to. If food came in a liquid that I could drink and actually was healthy to do, I would prefer it that way. Quick and easy. Things don’t ever really taste good to me (but I am an awesome cook) eating is just… well boring, I guess.. I know I am kooky

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Pure enjoyment but with portions not intended for a horse.

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I consider health, I try to find a good balance; and money limits me, I mean I’m not rich and I can’t live like I am; but my enjoyment of the food matters most to me. I love eating! And I also love my own enjoyment generally… I’m definitely not an ascetic.

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Not really, but I am trying to have a helathy diet. q:)

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Right now, I don’t really enjoy most of the foods I’m eating because: we are trying to stay within our budget since my husband lost his job, and I’m not the one going to the store to shop and thus not the one deciding what’s being made.
When I was the one doing all the shopping I enjoyed mostly everything I was eating ( had to get a few healthy things I was not crazy about, but knew were good for me).

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Yes most of the time, it also depends what I eat too.

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I eat for health, no I don’t enjoy it!

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I go by cost these days. Today I’ve had plain spaghetti and a cup of tea. It’s going to be a good week already.

If it’s cheap and looks relatively not horrible, it’ll do. Value bread just isn’t the same, though.
I enjoy it because it’s food. Now that I actually have to buy my own, I eat it even if I don’t like it all that much.

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No, everyday any meals that are prepared for me are generally quite mundane… many people would be very happy to have them I know, but I really don’t enjoy them. I think its because I rarely have a good enough appetite. There are some foods I do enjoy like curry with rice and stuff. I guess the majority of the time its savoury foods. So I need to get some really nice spicy foods. Then I’ll be happy. =]

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I must enjoy it because I’m eating it.

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I definately enjoy the food that i eat OR I wouldn’t eat it .

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I love eating! Cooking and eating are pretty close to the top of my list of things that make life worth living. I’m blessed to enjoy healthy food a lot more than I enjoy unhealthy food.

I was thinking about it today. Last night I went to a new restaurant and was served a huge plate of beef with oily cheese and fattening sauce, and everything tasted good; it was fine. But tonight I got to cook, and I baked fish with herbs and white wine, and served it with braised kale and almonds, and I just enjoyed that so so much more.

Another note, if one is willing to put in a bit of extra work, healthy delightful food can be made at home much cheaper than “cheap” food from the grocery store. At our house, we make amazingly delicous wholewheat homemade bread for less than $1 per loaf. We make homemade yogurt for the cost of milk, which is less than a quarter of the price of store-bought yogurts. I could go on!

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I mostly enjoy most of what I eat, but then I ain’t picky much at all.

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Oh, way too much. I only wish I had to force myself to eat.

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I used to really enjoy food but now I have to force myself to eat. It seems more a chore to me now than a pleasure.

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Too much!
If it’s not enjoyable, it’s not worth eating!

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I do Daria. I try to watch what I eat for health reasons, so the things I choose to eat are because I love them and they’re good for me. Well .. usually. I try not to deprive myself all the time.

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Thanks so much, I find so many people tend to eat foods as its cheaper, but we must enjoy our food and if it costs a little more, so be it.

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I love eating, and I love fixing meals. If some people on here think that eating ‘healthy’ or ‘diet’ food is not enjoyable, it’s because they aren’t fixing it correctly.

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Yes, no and yep.

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