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How long do you think you could survive being homeless?

Asked by Raine (330points) December 13th, 2009

Let’s say something BIG happened and you suddenly find yourself living on the street. How long can you last? Be reasonable.

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I would not live on the street. At the very least I would work at McDonald’s or whatever odd jobs I could find for a few weeks to save up enough money to leave the United States and go live in a poorer country that has more respect for the weak. I would not wait around to get pissed on.

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I think I would survive as long as I needed to. In fact, I often consider taking a vow of poverty and living homeless for a few years, just to give me that perspective. Of course, I probably never will and it’s usually when I want to run from my problems that the thought crosses my mind.

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I couldn’t. I give it up to homeless people cause I wouldn’t survive.

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One hour, unless I could find free internet somewhere, then I could make all my money back in a couple days.. lol

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Well I guess technically I could go a couple of weeks without food but being in the cold and out on streets where people could hurt me probably not very long. A few months perhaps? That is considering I could find food to eat.

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It would probably depend on what kind of climate I lived in. If I had to live in upstate NY (where I am now), I probably wouldn’t last long at all. The cold would do me in.

I think I would try to seek out a homeless shelter, but from what I hear from my patients, some are really not safe at all. It would be a bad situation.

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I survived for quite a while. It’s not pretty, but humans have an amazing capacity to adjust and find a way to continue on.

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I fear that I am one event (illness, auto-repair) away from homelessness. I don’t know what I would do. I should really check to see what is offered locally. Winter is long, and cold.

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I was homeless for about 3–4 weeks this summer. It’s not desirable.

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I would kill myself before I lived on the street. I don’t think I would last very long on the street. I don’t know how people do it. And I don’t know why more of them don’t kill themselves. Maybe many do. It would make sense.

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I could survive my entire life if I had to. I’ve been there.

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I made it a few months. I was actually working at the time and had money. But I didn’t have First, Last, and security deposit. And my credit was shit. It was hard enough to make it to the job I had. I can’t imagine trying to find one under those circumstances.

Here is a word of advice. McDonalds doesn’t hire everyone that walks in.

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@johnpowell Exactly. Where I was I would have needed around a thousand dollars just for the deposit on a crap apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. It was safer at the shelter- and that says a lot.

Another hiring tip- if you are overqualified they won’t hire you either.

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Not long at all, assuming this means I have no money. I think I am pretty resourceful and resilient, and I read all the questions on here a few months ago about surviving homelessness. But I take too many daily prescriptions for conditions that would probably do me in rather quickly if I didn’t have them.

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Not long at all, to be honest. Not something I’ve ever even come close to experiencing; I would have no idea what to do.

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where i live is different.there is no “street” the homeless here live in the woods.they have camps and little communities.i could go awhile like that i think.

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I hope I never have to find out, but my survival instinct is pretty strong. I like to think I would last as long as it took to get back on my feet.

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Almost two years, friends saved my life in soo many ways I still cannot fully repay them

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Two days or long enough too call my dad or mom too come get me.

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I could survive my whole life like that, i would just head on out to the woods.

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