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How do you get an emergency passport?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) February 25th, 2008

My friend is supposed to go to Germany tomorrow and forgot his expired a couple of months ago. Isn’t there a (pricey) way to get a passport in 24 hours?

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Take a look at this link from the US Department of State:

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Highly doubtful. Expedited service is 3 weeks.

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my friend figured it out….paid $300 for 24 hour service to a private company. fun!

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what is the service called? would be helfpul to have that info on hand in case that ever happens to me or any of my friends!

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@emilyrose: given that passports take weeks to month for the government to process, how does paying money to a private company speed up the government’s involvement to the point that it only takes 24 hours?

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These private companies hire someone to stand in line all day at the nearest Federal passport center, and sometimes it still doesn’t happen. Unless they offer a money-back guarantee, I’d be wary.

Your congressman’s Constituent Services office can help in emergencies – and we pay their salaries for situations like this.

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If you live near the consulate, go there immediately. You have to call for an appointment; if you don’t have one they will not let you in!

I did this for an expired passport and they had it for me in a few hours. No private company involved. There is a express fee.

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i dont know how it works, but my friend got his and it was fine. and its guaranteed… its just a renewal so the process if prob different from getting a new passport….. you can get a lot of things for a lot of money….

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Mine may be an abnormal story, but I got my passport 10 days from the time I submitted my paperwork. It wasn’t expedited or anything…

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which service did he use ? I need to have mine on the 7th to. Thank you

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sorry i never found out the name. google it!

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