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Has anyone tried "The Tea of Life" CHENOPODIUM AMBROSIOIDES otherwise called Semi-Contra, American Wormseed, & Mexican Tea?

Asked by BraveWarrior (1330points) December 15th, 2009

This herbal tea states that it has patent #6841175 and states it has a history as a medical herb going back to the 1800’s. Has anyone tried either this tea specifically or an infusion with this herb? If so, has it helped you with any health issues? Their website has more info on this rather expensive “patented, 100% natural herbal green tea with medicinal properties” and its purported uses at About Tea of Life

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According to the USDA it’s an invasive weed common to all 48 lower states, so I’d say if it’s expensive, it’s a scam.

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Seems that it was used in the USA (with the recommendation of the World Health Organization) to treat parasites until synthetic treatments replaced it.

It appears to have been and is still used in several Central, Latin, and South American countries for various ailments. Tropical Plant Database

Wikipedia has an article about it here

So I’d say it is established for treatment of parasites. However, it is also used by many indigenous peoples for other health conditions, so I’m still wondering if anyone here has tried it & found any health benefits.

It may be the processing which makes it expensive (at least $9 US for a box of 20 tea bags is expensive to me).

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You can’t find out if it has health benefits by asking for anecdotes – that does not correct for the placebo effect. You need to look at data from controlled studies.

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Here are 62 peer reviewed studies on C. Ambrosioides

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Here’s an article from Cornell. It’s long been recognized as a cure for worms, both in humans and livestock. Apparently oil of chenopodium can induce the abortion of a fetus. Quinoa is part of the chenopodium family. It’s often used as an herb in mexican cooking and is also known as epazote.

Unless you have worms or menstrual issues, it probably won’t do a whole lot for you.

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I haven’t tried but it looks interesting(and promising!) and only nine dollars.

@PandoraBoxx that’s crazy!

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