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Why did you choose your avatar image?

Asked by Haleth (19566points) December 17th, 2009

And what does it say about you? Is it goofy or serious?

Mine is Kanzaki from Great Teacher Onizuka. She’s a kind of messed up character, but in a weird way I identify with her. It’s pretty visible even as a tiny box because there’s such a strong color contrast between her face and the background.

So what about you? Some of your avatars make me very curious.

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rangerr's avatar

It’s me!

Vunessuh's avatar

Because purple mushrooms are pretty awesome.

shrubbery's avatar

I love my cat. She’s my baby. So I found a cool picture of her and with a basic photo editing program made her orange (she’s really grey) because we were doing orange avatars in support for the Fluther user Cak.

YCLYHO's avatar

im a chi fan:)

rooeytoo's avatar

Mine is my crazy part dingo dog. She is smart as a whip and a real devil dog, I love her!

Confuscious's avatar

Mine is a picture of me.

reacting_acid's avatar

I just love monkeys

SABOTEUR's avatar

I know why I did but why did you?

Gossamer's avatar

It followed me from AB

OpryLeigh's avatar

This is a picture of my dog Bella taken last Christmas. I just think it’s a sweet picture.

Axemusica's avatar

Um it’s me. I photo shopped it though. The only things that are changed is, the hoodie was actually brown & I kind of enhance the picture quality. Almost kind of like HDR, high shadows and highlights.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

It kinda fits with the name.

Haleth's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop picture is fucking terrifying, by the way.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Haleth Oh, I know. You’ll never go the bathroom the same again.

augustlan's avatar

I love letters/typography. In real life, I collect “N“s for my last name, but that would make no sense with my username. So an “A” it is. :)

YARNLADY's avatar

I change mine about once a month, but the one I have now is me in my Christmas tree costume. I prefer the one with my hubby, because it makes me happy.

MissAusten's avatar

The monarch in my avatar is one the kids and I raised from a caterpillar this past summer. When we tried to release it, it kept fluttering back and landing on my daughter. In this picture it’s sitting on the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

The Santa had and present were added for the holidays. :)

RubyReds's avatar

I simply cant stick to one. Have to change quite so often. Nothing personal, just like changing it. Like put on a new set of clothes every morning.

Xann009's avatar

I was walking home from work one night when I saw a 5 foot tall santa-penguin in someones yard, illuminated. I absolutely had to have a picture of it, and now it’s my avatar. I like santa penguin.

ccrow's avatar

I change it from time to time, but so far all of them have been pictures of Sheila, my Australian shepherd. (Gone, but not forgotten.)

CMaz's avatar

I mix and match.

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t.

flameboi's avatar

that is me in my fav place, a lake 2 hours north from my house :)

Aethelwine's avatar

I change mine quite a bit. My husband and I like to be some sort of couple. We’ve been Peppermint Patty and Marcy, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Baby Firefly and Rob Zombie, Tyler Durden and Marla Singer and Mickey and Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers. to name a few

Cotton101's avatar

it is in honor of good friend Spunky who passed away a few months ago! really miss her!

Confuscious's avatar

@Cotton101 Yes Cotton. We miss them terribly when they have to move on.

Cotton101's avatar

@Confuscious, oh yes…but, it has only been a few months! Spunky and I were closer than an animal and human can ever get. True story! My now ex, asked Spunky if she wanted to go stay with her for a while, Spunky ran behind a tree and my response too Spunky was, “do you want to go home with me?” She ran out from behind the tree and jumped up in my arms! Really hated she did that because it really hurt my ex’s feelings. But, she was special. Just blessed to have had that girl…we had a good ride!

aprilsimnel's avatar

One of the Jellies, @cak, is going through a spell with cancer. She hasn’t posted for a while as she deals with this issue and as she spends a lot of time with her family.

In one of the posts about her, another Jelly said that the colour orange has healing properties. So I wanted something orange to show my support for her. Also, I love kittens, and it’s Christmas. So, for the moment, if you click through to see a larger version, it’s an orange marmalade kitten napping in a Santa hat.

pearls's avatar

@Cotton101 What a sweet looking dog. I know what you are feeling as I have lost many a pet and it’s like losing one of your family members.

Confuscious's avatar

@Cotton101 Wasn’t trying to take away from your pain. Was sympathising with your loss. I lost one of my cats 3 years ago. He was my baby. It took me 2 years to get over the pain. The missing and pain doesn’t just disappear overnight. Spunky was beautiful, Cotton.

Cotton101's avatar

@Confuscious oh, knew that…sorry about your loss will take a while..for sure! take care and thank you the kind words!
@pearls thank you Pearls…Spunky was one in a zillion..never find another one like that lady!

belakyre's avatar

Because I like trees and this tree is awesome.

cornbird's avatar

When i was in my garden i saw a cornbird flutter and made a weird but beautiful sound…
Plus i like corn..

gggritso's avatar

It matches the website :)

Ame_Evil's avatar

As I said in that thread: “Mine is a picture of one of my favouritest albums – The West Pole by The Gathering, as I quite like the album cover.”

deni's avatar

i look good with a mustache.

fireinthepriory's avatar

It’s a jellyfish picture that I took at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I thought it was appropriate, so it’s been my avatar the whole time. Now with a santa hat for the holidays!

Jude's avatar

It’s a painting that my girl and I found and bought at an antique store. I love it. I took a picture of it and added the chapeau.

I love art. :o)

rangerr's avatar

…..I forgot I asked this already.

IBERnineD's avatar

It’s just me!

anoop66's avatar

I was a wolf in my past birth.

majorrich's avatar

When My wife is gone to work, sometimes for lengthy times, and my son is at school, Cuddles is my special companion. Rarely more than a few paces away and most of the time on my lap. This particular picture was when he was about 6 months old and taken with my late fathers camera. I didn’t know modern B&W film is now dye based so the pics came out in Sepia. A happy accident. He is now 3 and looks pretty much the same. He even seems to like my pipe smoke.

ekans's avatar

Ekans is not only my favorite pokemon, but it is “snake” spelled backwards.

Ame_Evil's avatar

@rangerr Haha didn’t realise you were the OP of the other thread. Amnesia much?

Cupcake's avatar

Because it’s a beautifully delicious cupcake!!

with sprinkles!!

downtide's avatar

Its my avatar from Second Life. It’s much better looking than I am in my First Life. :)

aprilsimnel's avatar

@majorrichCuddles is very cute!

majorrich's avatar

He’s pretending he’s a squirrel on my lap as we speak. He looks like a tribble.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

The crosshair pattern of a Zeiss 6–24×72 rifle scope as mounted on my Barrett M82A1. Long range (1000 yard) rifle competition is one of my hobbies. It’s also symbolic of my former profession.

Arisztid's avatar

It is me in real life as close as possible without using a photograph.

I have had a rather virulent internet stalker since 2004 so it is bloody good that I never put a picture of myself on the net. I thank my lucky stars every time I log on about that.

That being said, this avatar is my Second Life avatar. I spent a lot of time and money making it look bloody like me in real life. I am a vain bastard so, while I will not allow photographs of me on the net, I want my avatar to be as close to a picture as possible.

I went through I have NO clue how many bloody expensive skins before finding this one (I am currently looking for someone to do a custom skin to get it exact) My wife “built” (making things in SL) my eyes while looking at the originals and a scar I have on my cheek from running willy nilly into a bramble bush as a lad (I was chasing a critter). My nose even has the bump and slight turn from where I broke it (that took a lot of masterful manipulation courtesy of my wife. Anyone from SL can guess how hard that was to do)

So, basically, this avatar is as close to me in real life as I could possibly make it. I got it pretty close. I am still looking for hair with a few whites coming in at the temples, a custom skin as I said, and thinking of asking my wife to make the pox scar that I have over my eyebrow.

Yes, I am a bit anal.

rooeytoo's avatar

@Arisztid – well then I would say you are a strangely handsome looking bloke!

Arisztid's avatar

@rooeytoo Thankyou much. :)

Brian1946's avatar

I chose my current avatar because it’s winter in this hemisphere and I love the Northern Lights. :-)

Civic_Cat's avatar

It’s explained in my profile page.

JeanPaulSartre's avatar

It’s me and my child – and I spend the majority of my energy on making sure the little one grows up to be amazing.

rangerr's avatar

New avatar for Valentines day!

augustlan's avatar

<< Me, too!

deni's avatar


mine is of the cutest dog in the world that i miss more than anything, i want to take a flight home right now and hug her forever

rangerr's avatar

@deni You’re beautiful.

deni's avatar

@rangerr golly gee do i love you

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