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Everyone's favorite flower hits 10K!

Asked by filmfann (49312points) December 18th, 2009

Let’s all show some lurve for La_chica_gomela !

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Hey, congrats to you ! I always enjoy reading your posts.

Happy 10K to you.

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10K days are great! Enjoy yours, and be proud!

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¡Felicidades y feliz navidad!

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Congratulations. Enjoy!

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She is bright, strong, and opinionated, speaks her mind and holds her ground. And, she has a marvelous sense of humor. Congratulations @ La_chica_gomela on a very well deserved achievement. See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Congrats Chica!!!

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(Having trouble keeping up with making the pancakes for all these parties!)

Mazel Tov, la chica gomela!

You are a great, original mind and contributor to the site and I’ve always enjoyed your posts.

The casa is getting crowded and the parties are getting ever livelier!

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Ok, definitely time for a party! Congratulations!

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Ohhhh LcG congratulations!
There is some kind of lurve rush lately!!! isn’t that awesome???

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Happy 10k to La Chica! Viva La Chica! Congratulations to you.

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Congrats Chica! I always enjoy your outlook on life. This is going to be some party! :D

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oh! WOW, definitely congratulations

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Awesome job La Chica, keep it up!

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Congrats chica! Much lurve!

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Congratulations Chica!

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Congratulations! I brought some wine!

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La Chica Gomela, some of your quips have really touched me. I appreciate your honesty and feedback and excellent thoughtful questions and answers. Congratulations!

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Estoy contento para ti. Congrats! 10K club just got a little more fun. Welcome.

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Chica, you were the first one to challenge me on Fluther and force me to refine my thoughts before putting them in writing.
It’s been a great time ever since!

Conrgats on your ascension to the 10k club!

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Congratulions La Chica !!

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Congratulations ma’am. +GQ

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Mazal Tov. Neshikot.

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Congratulations La Chica Gomela the most Beautiful flower on Fulther!

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Whenever I see you composing I know one or more of the following things is going to happen: (1) you are going to say something that’s dead on, (2) you are going to say something hilarious, or (3) you are about to rip someone a new one.

Congratulations on a well-deserved 10k, chica :)

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Yay, a big deserved 10K congratulations to you!!! Cheers!

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Way to go!!!!

This rocks!!! Welcome to the mansion!

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Amazing! Another 10K I guess fluther is the place to stay!!! Congrats my friend!!!

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Another Flutherite I don’t know…yet.


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La La Chica Chica!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS, La Chica and thanks for your many great answers!!!

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Felicidades!!!! Way to go!

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FELIZ DIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry my spanish is rusty buT CONGRATS ;)

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Yay Congrats!

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Woohoo, congrats! I hope the 10K mansion has a waffle iron, merely for the sake or irony. :)

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Muy bien Chica! Woo hoo! Partay!

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Nicely Done! Were you online to see it?

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Congrats! Very well deserved!!!

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Congratulations! Fantastic job! Welcome! :D

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Chica, chia, chica! Feliz! Quite an achievement. I love your very specific language posts. I love your passion.

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woohoo!! congratulations to another one of my fave jellies! (it’s happening a lot lately!!)

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, that’s great !

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Great news, @La_chica_gomela! Feisty, funny, and brightly knowledgeable, you and your highly visible avatar bring color to any thread. Congratulations.

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Congratulations! Well done.

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Oh no! I’ve kinda missed the party, here. Congratulations!!!

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¡ɐlǝɯoƃ‾ɐɔıɥɔ‾ɐl qoɾ ʇuǝllǝɔxǝ

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¡Humo santos! ¡Bienvenido al club 10k!

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@erichw1504 How do you do that??! I want to learn!

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Oh yay, La Chica! Congratulations! <3

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Congrats La_Chica_ I know we had a bumpy start back in the day when I modded, but nice to see your accomplishment! As the Aussies say-good on ‘ya too mate!

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Oh, I lurve @La_chica_gomela.

One of my favorite long-time jellies (with an awesome screen name). Congrats!!

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Congrats @la_chica_gomela! I love reading your posts. Cake for all!

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Congrats! Way to Go! Here’s to 10K more!

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Hootay! I mean, Hooray! What a day! Welcome to the the clubhouse, @La_chica_gomela! Of course, now it’s time to bust out the flan!

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Congratulations on the 10k.

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CONGARATULATIONS La_chica_gomela!!!

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Congrats Chica! I don’t know you all that well, but I have read your responses on here and they are very intelligent and well-constructed. Congratulations on hitting 10k!

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Congrats, chchchchia… er… chchchchica.

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Isn’t she coming to the party?

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I’m late! But I brought wine to make up for it :) Congrats!!!

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Sorry I’m late!:) Congratulations!!:) Happy 10k day! :)

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I’m late!

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I PMd her a link… maybe in the crush of new questions, she never saw it! Or, maybe she’s away right now.

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omgggggggg, wow, thanks so much, everyone!!! i’ve been sick for the last day or two, so i had no idea! Thank you so much!!! Gosh!

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@La_chica_gomela, you mean you don’t fluther when you’re sick?? I never heard of such a thing.

Very glad you’ve arrived. I though maybe we were doin it rong or something.

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Congrats sista 10k!

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@timothykinney: Thanks sweetie! And thank you again, everyone. Your fond wishes really warmed my heart and touched me. I’m still really overwhelmed by it! I lurve all of you!

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