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High School Teachers: How candid are you with your students?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) December 18th, 2009

I’m a 29 years old and I teach high school art. I’m pretty open and honest with my kids. I still maintain my position of the adult (most of the time!) but the kids feel like they can talk with me about most things, and I speak to them openly.
If you’ve taught older kids, what’s your thought on this?

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Having been a high school teacher and coach many years ago, if you keep it on a professional level, think it is open game to talk about anything! And, you mentioned a very key word, honesty! They always respect that in their teacher.

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In addition to what @Cotton101 said, I’d refrain from openly endorsing, or maybe even kind-of endorsing, anything that could be considered harmful the student or others (Think drugs/alcohol/etc). It’s a great thing to have such close relationship with your students but losing your job because, for example, the board found out your student got expelled for smoking pot in the bathroom down the hall after having a discussion with you about how it tastes… well, that isn’t cool.

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I’m really open with my students. There are only a few things that I feel I wouldn’t tell them. As @Cotton101 says, honesty is key. I make an effort to steer them in the right direction. High school students have so few people in their lives with whom they can truly be themselves, and I’m trying to make myself one of those people.

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Of course it depends on community standards. I am very aware what goes in SF may not go elsewhere. I teach govt and am very open about my politics which are mainstream here. I know there are gay teachers who while they don’t initiate conversations. don’t hide the fact they have same sex life partners.

The career teacher requires his students to bring in people with different careers to be interviewed. Since I have had a different career, I always get invited to talk about my corporate life. In my economics classes I also use my life experiences as examples.

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