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What is the purpose of parchment paper in baking? Is there an alternative?

Asked by missyb (806points) December 18th, 2009

I’m trying out a new recipe with a few steps involving parchment paper, which I forgot to buy. What exactly IS parchment paper? What is it’s purpose? Do I really need it or is there something else I can use, like foil or freezer paper?

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It keeps things from sticking to the pan, and also from not burning (It’s a little bit more insulation).

It is good because it sticks to neither the pan nor the baked good. If you are baking at a lower temperature, wax paper would probably work (but make sure it won’t be lit on fire).

Fahrenheit 411 and all that.

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It keeps baked goods from sticking, so that delicate cookies, for instance, can be easily lifted without breaking. It’s really useful, and not too expensive.

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waxed paper or PAM spray. it’s the 20th century people and yes my mother came over on a boat too

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Thanks to all of you. You’ve given me the courage to try it without. The recipe is for a quick-setting mint fudge, and there’s no actual baking involved, so I think I’ll go with the waxed paper.

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“Parchment” paper for cooking is not the same as the sort of parchment that the Pilgrims wrote on, @trailsillustrated.

@aphilotus and @pdworkin are correct.

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@laureth harrumph—ok——pilgrims yes 1962

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An alternative is to use a silpat…they can be used over and over many times. I find paper to work the best because sometimes cookies on a silpat spread more.

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For clarification, @aphilotus knows it’s fahrenheit 451, but it’s 2:30 a.m. our time and he’s afflicted with the onset of the flu. :P

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