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Woman: Could you please share your stories of cheating on your husband?

Asked by specvn (5points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

explain why you cheated on your man was it revenge? Find an attractive man or just not satisfied in bed??

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Shame on you specvn—women never cheat, it is called exploration of womanhood.

Only those men, pigs cheat. Women explore their sexuality.

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personally I think its bad enough cheating on your husband in the first place, but trying to get people to talk about it openly on a social network totally baffles me.

3 cheers for happy marriage!

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(sprains eyes rolling them at @allengreen‘s answer)

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What’s d big deal about wifes cheating when husbands do it all the time. I did out of revenge and it actually makes me feel better.

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Because any cheating is wrong. i have never cheated on anyone and never will

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@JRoberts7 Hip, Hip Hooray!! Never could or would cheat. I wouldn’t have Married my man if I didn’t think I could be completely satisfied in everyway with him and with us. I’m a lifer, and I’m okay with that.

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