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Who has thebest chance to win the #2 seed in the AFC?

Asked by Dr_C (14339points) December 20th, 2009

My hometown team the San Diego Chargers beat the Bengals tonight, Miami lost helping SD clinch a playoff spot, and Denver lost helping SD clinch their 4th consecutive AFC West champinoship… out of the remaining 7 – 7 teams in the AFC.. who is the more likely wildcard?

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End of story.

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@chelseababyy well the Raven’s have the same record as the Donkos but they beat Denver already so they win a tie break… so far they are in better positiion for the #5 seed and the wildcard….

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I dunno…I guess the Broncos if they work hard…I’m still recovering from an awful loss…(Vikings Fan)

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Probably not the Steelers, although it was a cool game against the Packers.

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I’ve got to agree with @chelseababyy. Dumervil leads the league in sacks and Brandon Marshall is just amazing. These guys want it!

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Clearly, the San Diego Chargers are flying under the radar at a 11–3 and no one is taking notice… they have won their division outright, have an impressive passing game headed by Philip Rivers who is 6th overall as QB and a decent running game that is supported by two pretty good backs, LT (Tomlinson) and Darren Sproles.

Their 3 losses came from PIT DEN and BAL this year. Those teams have been tough to beat. (Well, aside from PIT) :)

Ok, I see I got all excited there and answered the BIG question, not the one detailed. OOPS! I’ll be back!

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@iLove I agree that the Chargers have been flying under the radar for a while now… but the biggest complaint a lot of my friends and I have had is the limited coverage they got and lack of respect from the media in favor of larger market teams.. lately however it seems that even the NFL network has decided to discontinue felating Tom Brady and is singing the Chargers’ praises. Even Norv Turner is getting love for being one of thebest coaches of the year… Rivers is finally in the MVP conversation… Jackson and Gates are toutes as being among the best at their positions… even the talk of LT losing a step has died down. My team is finally getting the respect it deserves… and they are playing well enough to back it up.

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Well, the scenarios are definitely interesting! Based on the research I just did ;),

The Chargers are definitely the 2nd seed in the AFC, as for the remaining teams, and who comes next, I would have to say its going to be the Patriots or Cincinnati.

The only reason why I don’t immediately say the Broncos is because of the possibilities that have to occur in order for them to make the playoffs.

The other scenarios are very intricate:

As of 12–22-09
San Diego Chargers

Can clinch a first-round bye with:

1. a win or tie, OR
2. a New England loss or tie

New England Patriots

Can clinch AFC East division title with:

1. a win or tie, OR
2. a Miami loss or tie

Cincinnati Bengals

Can clinch AFC North division title with:

1. a win, OR
2. a tie and a baltimore loss or tie, OR
3. a Baltimore loss

Can clinch a playoff spot with:

1. a tie, OR
2. a Jacksonville loss or tie and a NY Jets loss or tie and the Houston/Miami game ends in a tie

Baltmore Ravens

Can clinch a playoff spot with:

1. a win and a Jacksonville loss or tie and a NY Jets loss or tie, OR
2. a win and a Jacksonville loss or tie and a Denver DEN loss, OR
3. a win and a Jacksonville loss or tie and a NY Jets loss or tie and a Denver loss, OR
4. a tie and a NY Jets loss and a Jacksonville loss and a Tennessee loss or tie and the Houston/Miami game ends in a tie.

Denver Broncos

Can clinch a playoff spot with:

1. a win and a Jacksonville loss or tie and a Miami loss or tie and a NY Jets loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie.

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@iLove seems kinda tough for the Donkos no?
Lurve for the football wisdom!!

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I thought of this today while the Pats and Cincy are barely #3 and #4 and I laugh at those who blindly thought it would be Denver. Don’t get me wrong, Denver is a great team! But the AFC is a virtual grab bag!

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@iLove I’ve been a Bronco fan since 1987. A girl can dream, can’t she? :)

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Ladies and gentlemen I have just returned from a week away… the Donkos and Squeelers are both out of the playoffs, My Chargers are the #2 seed and riding an 11 game win streak… life is good. Happy new year everyone!

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Bummer re: Steelers!

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@jonsblond Bless you for loving football, no laughs at you for that! :)

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@Dr_Dredd Even more of a bummer since I was at the game, perpetrating as a Steelers fan yesterday. GREAT GAME!

Too bad the defending SB champs got knocked out… NOT! :) JK

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