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Do you dress up at all for the holidays?

Asked by hungryhungryhortence (12158points) December 25th, 2009

If you’re entertaining people in your home, do you dress a little better than sweat pants and t-shirts? If you’re going out of the house to a restaurant, movie, shopping or other people’s homes, do you dress a bit better?

It just occurred to me after drinking too much champagne that I’m going outside tomorrow to eat brunch at a restaurant and I haven’t bothered to put aside an outfit other than pull on flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt.

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We’ve always spent Christmas at home just our small family, so we usually just wore PJs all day, but this year is going to be very different from usual, and I’ll be out and about all day. I’m a little apprehensive about what to wear, like you. I feel like it should be something a little more dressed up than usual, but I’m going to the airport, etc, and I want to be comfortable! What’s a girl to do?

Plus the washing machine and dryer are both in the middle of the dining room right now and half of my wardrobe is in another state, so I don’t have too many options.

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I get to go meet and eat with the daughter-in-law’s RICH parents. I have gained so much weight this past year. I am wearing cast off and still nice black jeans from my daughter who has lost weight. I was all excited to have black jeans. They are the ‘wow, see that muffin top’ jeans. Now What??

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I don’t have much wardrobe here with me since I’m visiting my parents, but I did select an outfit to specifically wear on Christmas.
Before I moved out, I rarely dressed up and would normally just wear jeans and a t-shirt on holidays.
Now, we tend to make these occasions a much bigger celebration since the family is all together again, so we go out of our way to dress up.
Plus, I don’t really have any other excuse to wear dresses or jewelry because I never entertain or go out much.

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Our holiday gatherings are always very casual and fun. Sometimes on Thanksgiving I will wear a nice shirt and jeans but usually its just comfy clothes. We had Christmas Eve with my folks and my sister and her family. Everyone got new pajamas and by the end of the evening all the kids had changed into theirs. No one would think anything of it if I showed up today to celebrate with the extended family in my new jammies. I’m seriously considering it.

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Yes,i always put on a new,unstained T-shirt.

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I’ll wear jeans, but the designer ones, along with a nicer sweater and shoes. I’ll actually put on some makeup, as well.

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Not really, if i go out with someone on Christmas Day maybe. Nothing really open in NYC, not a lot of people out so dont see the need too.

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For holidays, yes I get a little more dressed up. But, if I’m just having friends over, I don’t see the need to get dolled up.
Also, if we go out to restaurants or whatever, it totally depends on the place. If we’re going somewhere quite nice, then it’s been planned so I do dress appropriately.

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It could just be the way I was brought up, but I always like dress up. If it’s a simple dinner with friends, I won’t wear sweats, but I ‘m most likely not going to wear a silk dress with a set of diamonds or something. But for Christmas dinner, I’m going to wear a nice dress or blouse and skirt and what not. Otherwise, I’m pretty much in pants and a blouse or sweats or something. I only feel the need to dress up in these ways because I want to present myself in a polite way to guests or out to dinner at a nice restaurant, or of course for a holiday like Christmas.

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This time around, it’s khakis and a stripped orange dress shirt I got as a birthday present a few years ago from Mom. Mom appreciated it. :)

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I ended up wearing leggings and a black flowy skirt I bought in Paris, and a little pink long sleeved t-shirt. Comfortable and cute! What did you end up wearing @hungryhungryhortence?

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We also pretty much only spend Christmas at home, just our family, so no need to get dressed up. But we do have this annual “fancy” catered Christmas party before Christmas where we dress up much nicer.

I also like to wear my nicer clothes when I got to Christmas Eve/Midnight mass.

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@La_chica_gomela: I made myself put the baggy cargo pants and threadbare but comfy t-shirt aside and I wore a skirt, blouse and sweater as well as a bit of makeup. It felt good to feel kind of pretty.

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I dress it up for special occasions.
Nice shoes, sport coat and a good button down shirt though if it’s a semi casual event, I’d still prefer a pair of comfy jeans with that ensemble.


Not only holidays, but I usually dress up most of the time. I got to because of the job I have.

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