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Do you plan on bringing the New Year in with a bang or celebrate quietly?

Asked by Open_Your_Mind (250points) December 26th, 2009

Do you celebrate on New Year’s eve in any special way?

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I’ll very quietly be nursing another 24 pack of Coors Light.

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Very, very quietly I hope. Just hubby, me and our furbabies. Watch tv till the bells and then off to bed as usual, same thing we do every year.
hugs all xx

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go big or go home.

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yes but in tend to stay sober

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I’m sure I’ll be going to a party with my friends. It’s kinda what we do on New Year’s.

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We will celebrate at home like we usually do. It’s safe and the beer costs less. :)

This is what we did last year. We may not have a fire this year, but I’m almost certain we may be doing a little fluthering.

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I always do New year’s Eve quietly. I hate the idea of a holiday devoted to drinking.

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I don’t drink, but I wouldn’t be opposed to going out and finding a cute boy to kiss at the stroke of 12. I will, however, likely be singing for a band instead of getting to do that.

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Gun,Drugs,Hookers and Rock & Roll Baby !!

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I don’t really have any plans for New Years right now.

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I have company from out of town so we’ll be celebrating with food, drink, maybe movies.

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It’ll be a quiet one for me, for nearly 20 years I worked Xmas and New year (D.J’ing) and had my fill of it to be honest, Dont get me wrong, I love a good party, but I also appreciate peace and quiet and cant be doing with the pointless drunkeness that New Year brings on. I think I’m also getting old farty! lol

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I’d like to go to friends of me & my husband’s; my husband ‘claims’ to not like ‘the crowds of people’ so much, (there’ll be about 40 – 50 people there, mostly families, some singles, a good mix…) but once he’s there, its as hard to pull him away as it is me! ’:) Some will bring alcohol (but not get drunk), others won’t touch a drop; some will play stupid, childish games like “Dutch Blitz” (I adore this particular ‘stupid, childish game’...), while others will match wits about amusingly embarrassing stories from the past year…

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I have always disliked New Year’s Eve, the whole idea of it, the drunkenness. A good friend was killed on New Year’s eve by a drunk driver years ago, that adds to it. Even when I drank I hated it.

I prefer to sleep through the whole thing!

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I will probably be quietly reading mah books.

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quietly…although I might cook…so just me and my small imediate family…

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We never go out. Too many crazies out there. Last year we invited 8 couples to come for a party. NONE showed up & NONE called to say they wouldn’t be here. Pissed me off royally. I had all that food sitting there. Later, all gave some excuse or the other. It’s not that everyone doesn’t get along. Some were family…some were friends. Everyone knew everyone else. SO…I’m not going to invite anyone! Our oldest daughter & her family will be here for sure. Other than that, it’s going to be a quiet night. I’ll make some chicken enchiladas & the side dishes to go along with it, have some snacks, & plenty of beer & wine. It’ll be fun…just not flashy.

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I would have slept through the millenium if my fella hadn’t woke me up to watch a woman shooting ping pong balls out of her lady bits!! hahaa!
Tried to find a link to it but can’t find one :(
So this year I will probably try to stay awake then end up falling asleep!

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@jbfletcherfan Ah, that can be so very frustrating, inviting all of those family & friends and not getting one ‘show!’ ...But don’t give up on them, jb…—- I’ve had that happen before, too—- why not send an invite in the mail another time & follow it up with a phone call? (I know, “once burnt…”—- I don’t blame you, but it sounds like you’re such a great entertainer and that you & your friends have a great time together.) Whatever you do this year, hope you’ll have an awesome time. :)

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Yeah, I still carry a bitter taste in my mouth over that one. Thank you for the nice thoughts. (Do YOU want to come over?) hahaa

Trissinger's avatar

Ah, jb, if you’re up for a silly game of “Dutch Blitz” or a more staid one like Scrabble, you’re on! :D… But don’t ‘totally’ give up on ‘em—- I’ll bet they all felt pretty bad about what happened, with none of them making a show & all. Life’s too short to stop getting together with your friends, jbfletcherfan. Maybe by next year’s New Year’s Eve, you’ll have a house full, once again—- at least I’m hoping you will. :) :)

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I’ll be asleep long before midnight…..

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What exactly do you mean by bang? ;)

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I’ll be in my hot tub with a cold drink… looking down upon the fireworks…

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I actually have leftover beer from Christmas that I might save for New Years. But either way I plan to be home.

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Possibly going to Montauk with some high school friends and partying in a kid’s vacation house. @smack will most likely be with me no matter what I end up doing; all we know is that we will be getting intoxicated.

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Very quietly and totally alone. Me and a bottle of Glenfiddich. Hopefully I’ll be asleep before midnight. The first one totally alone in my life, I probably need it too.

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Yes my family celebrates it in a big way – we have a tree and lots of presents and a big dinner and everyone’s together – we watch the countdown to the ball drop in Times Square on TV, make wishes at midnight and so forth and so on…

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I WISH I could celbreate with a bang! That would be such a nice change. But, I have kids, and as usual, a limited budget, so this won’t be the year for that kind of fun. A bottle of the cheapest champagne I could find, surrounded by kids bouncing on the bed…...that’s what it’ll be for hubby and me. Sigh….....

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No crazy parties with copious drinking for me, because I don’t want a hangover and regret on the first day of a new year.

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@Futomara… know big celebration. In Texas it’s a tradition to have black eyed peas and corn bread with friends.

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We’ll have a quiet one… odds are that DH, at least will not be awake for the new year! No party, just us & our dogs. Hey @stranger_in_a_strange_land I’ll toast one to you. Hang in there.

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I want to go out to a nightclub and celebrate the New Year there this year.

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@Trissinger,...oh no, I haven’t given up on any of them. We’ve seen all of them several times since then & it’s all forgotten. Maybe next year I’ll try again. We’ll see.

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i plan to go to dinner earlier in the evening and then go home alone and hang out. knowing myself, will probably go on computer (maybe Fluther!!) and then fall asleep. i am invited to a couple’s house that i went to two years ago, but i don’t want to go. I always disliked going out on New Year’s because it’s usually freezing cold, and most years there’s only the one day off to recover. this year, at least, there’s the weekend to recover.

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BOOM! I’ve got 3 or 4 parties I’m supposed to hit.

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It will be a a quiet celebration. Just me and my dogs, a good movie, and a nice long end of the year walk!

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I plan to bring in the New Year with a snore.

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I would rather do something at least somewhat mellow, but I’ve already promised to go to one party, and have unanswered invitations to two more friend’s parties in my Facebook inbox. Not to mention my ex might be in town, and she always amps the party up approximately eight notches (yes I’m talking about you, adreamofautumn!).

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I hate new years. There are always super high expectations and they’re never met and then you’re just disappointed.

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@le_inferno we are gettin’ DRUUUUUUNKK

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@saranwrapper I hate it too. I’m just going to ignore it this year. Treat it as an evening like any other. A few drinks, pop a valium, then oblivion.

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@jbfletcherfan—Ah, you’re a “good ‘un,” you are. :) Glad to hear things had a mended—- still not sure how my New Year’s will pan out, but today, I’ve been thinking of a new friend who lost her husband 3 years ago to the day… Tough time of the year for that kind of grieving. Lit 3 candles, one for him, one for her son who died before that, one for her… I know, I know, I’m “supposed to be talking about celebrating” here, but that’s not presently on my mind. ...There’s something important about “light” at this time of the year, even if its only represented by a simple candle or two… light a candle in the darkness…

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@Trissinger Thanks. I love all of these people, so letting it go wasn’t hard. They just weren’t being very thoughtful at the time. Everyone has a brain fart now & then. It just happened that they all did that on the same night. :-/

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