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What is the best noisy fan to sleep with?

Asked by mathwhiz1 (264points) December 26th, 2009

I really like having a noisy fan in my bedroom to sleep with. The problem is that the fan I have now sounds like it is about to bite the dust. Plus, this fan isn’t as noisy as I thought it would be. Even with the fan on the highest setting, I can still hear noise from outside my bedroom. Here is the kind of fan I have now:

Is there any fan that is noisier than this one?

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There are devices that produce “white noise” at whatever volume you like. They also use far less energy than a fan. I think that Real Goods has one in their catalog online and Brookstone also sells at least one.

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This one is my favorite. Constant whooshing noise, and fairly loud. I used to sleep with it running every night for about three years. Still works.

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Get a white noise machine. You can adjust sound, volume, etc. Here.

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I like the CD’s that are recordings of waterfalls. You can turn the volume up and down. I don’t personally have one, but my best friend does and it’s great.

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The white noise machines offer waterfalls, the waves that lap, rain on the roof, or good old white noise, along with volume control.

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@asmonet That’s a great suggestion, that’s the same one I have, it’s extremely loud, even on the lowest setting.

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I hear Giants fans snore pretty loudly.

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LMAO @Grisaille !! You beat me to it! I was going to say Pittsburgh Steelers fans can be rather noisy! : D

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@Grisaille, having grown up though the 60s, I was going to remind the OP that it is impossible to sleep with Beatles’ fans in the room. The screaming used to really put me on edge.

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This Q reminds me of an invention that a co-worker and I were going to develop one time.

Consider the numbers of people who like to move from living in the city to living in the country. But .. it’s so quiet!

Not to worry, use new Ghettones™. Wake up at 4 AM to the sound of a dumpster of beer bottles being emptied outside your bedroom window. Random sirens. Hookers screaming at johns in the alley. Gunshots. Drunken revelers singing loudly and off-key. Screeching taxis. The el. All those soothing nighttime sounds that used to lull you to sleep in the city can now be yours… with your new Ghettones™ boom box.

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@CyanoticWasp Oh my god.

Where the hell were you when I moved to Jersey from the Bronx? I’d buy one.

I’m so serious. More serious than I’ve ever been. Ever.

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i like having a noisy fan too! but mine is dying from exhaustion due to over use so it looks like im gonna need to find myself a new noisy fan…i suppose that doesnt answer your question though….

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Often when I have guests from NYC, they complain in the morning about the silence. They find it unnerving but soon adjust. The scariest noises are those of the howling coyotes and the occasional death throe of a rabbit caught by a big owl.

I left Manhattan due to the incessant sirens, etc. (I had other reasons but began to loathe the noise, the exhaust fumes, the flashers who also drove their cars at 10 mph., the dog poop (pre-pooper-scooper laws) too close to my babies’ faces.

And don’t forget the jack-hammers when GE was digging up most of Park Ave.

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Get an industrial fan. That’s what we have, and it roars. It’s also ugly.

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