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Could a man deal with childbirth if they were the ones giving birth?

Asked by partyparty (9162points) December 27th, 2009

My friend is pregnant and her husband has ‘confessed’ he couldn’t deal with the actual birth himself. He will, of course, be at the birth. Do you think a man could confidently cope with giving birth?

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If it were possible, they would because they would have to. Women don’t go through this pain by choice (at least until recently with anesthesia as an option). People learn to cope with what is forced upon them by circumstances.

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If they were raised with the knowledge that they had to- then yes. It scares him to death because he wasn’t raised with the idea that one day he would give birth- including all it entails.

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There are a substantial number of women who reject parenthood for that among other reasons.

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The bigger question is could a woman deal with a PMSing male??? LOL!

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@Cruiser That could be truly dangerous! ROFL. +GA

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I say yes, my mom says no.

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How would we ever know? its never happened(and probably never will).

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I say no. I say this because when a lot of the men I know get a cold they can’t handle it. Their ‘sniffles’ overwhelm them and they take to bed for days until they can get up and move around and deal with life again. So, I say no again.

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I don’t know… I suppose they would have to deal with it… you can’t exactly opt out…

However, I don’t think that men would deal with the pain quite as well as women do. I mean think about it, whenever men get a slight cold or cough, they’re laying in bed/on the couch for days, bitching and moaning. Women seem to be able to ‘suck it up’. I think this may be the same with childbirth.

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I think I could handle it. Since I was 14, I’ve had kidney stones an average of about once every two years. I’ve talked to women who have had both children and kidney stones, and every one of them says they will take childbirth over kidney stones any day of the week.

Besides, physical pain is something to which I’ve become fairly accustomed.

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What a rediculous question!.....
of course they couldn’t!

I could barely cope watching my wife…...

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The question and subject is a bit off. Are you asking that if a man had a vagina, uterus, ovaries and got pregnant would he cope? Well, he would be a woman. Some women don’t cope well. Maybe you are asking if a man could take the pain. Maybe. Some people do pain very well, many don’t. Some get their leg crushed under a fallen tree for eleven hours, and amputates it with a knife. Link Would that guy do? Would you as a woman be able to do that? Maybe.

He saying he couldn’g do child birth is probably right. He is a man. Some say Jesus will be born by a man next time. That guy won’t do well without insurance though.

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@Jacket – Ah, he wouldn’t have to worry, the Discovery Channel special will pay for everything.

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I think it would depend on the man. My husband is such a weenie. If he gets a papercut he thinks he needs stiches. I can’t imagine if he were pregnant.

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See, this is what confuses me -

My husband thinks it’s the end of the world when he has a head cold. He’s dying. and yet, he can go to work, have a piece of wood kick back from the saw and take a 2 inch deep chunk out of his leg – right down to the bone – and he wants to wrap it up with duct tape and keep working. (he still hasn’t seen a doctor. Good thing I have some training…)


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It would be interesting to see what would happen if both men and women could give birth and couples had to choose who does it. Which one would choose to do it more?

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@Cruiser The guy wouldn’t have PMS if he was pregnant. You do know what PMS is right?

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Some people can carry chilldren (women) these people have the privilege of bonding with an unborn child in a way people who can’t carry a child (men) will never know. So if men were women then yes they would be able to take the pain, and at the end of the day, you’d have no bloody choice, once the seed is sewn the buns gettin baked!

Would I have carried my children is I had a choice?
For the chance of bonding with my child the way their mother has, In a heart beat.

So if you women don’t mind, just bloodywell get on with it, you deserve your pain.

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Rose F. Kennedy the mother of John, Bobbie and Ted is credited with this famous line:

__If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament__

But it actually originated with Florynce Kennedy, an African American attorney, who was a well known feminist and civil rights activist in the 60s.

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I can only imagine how painful child birth is. Kidney stones ain’t fun, either.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s because colds are sneaky buggers who don’t play by any rules. So of course we have a right to complain about them!
Getting into accidents at work is just plain manly!.

I can’t answer this question because one critical piece is missing. Where would the baby come out of? Out of our urethra? I’m pretty sure neither males nor females could handle a watermelon coming out of their urethra.

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I’m certain women have some sort of cognitive or physiological nuance that somewhat subdues the pain of childbirth (with relation to men, I’m not saying it’s easy), aside from the social conditioning.

So no.

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If I could make a baby with the person who invented the epidural…I would.

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Well, certainly on natural childbirth. I would think a Caesarean would be in order.

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I think they could. I don’t think there’s any way to say for sure. I wish it were possible to do so, though, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a baby…


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@Grisaille My subduer wasn’t working then.

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In relation to men, @faye.

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Yes, of course. If not, the history of the human race would have been pretty brief.

It’s true that men don’t have anything like childbirth to cope with. That doesn’t make them wusses. They have to deal with a few things that don’t afflict women, at least in our culture.

My sister-in-law’s two pregnancies were like major traumas. She couldn’t handle the nausea of morning sickness. She couldn’t handle the bulk. She screamed all the way through delivery. She went to pieces during those rough first three weeks with a newborn. She took it all so hard that although they really wanted a third child, she chose to adopt rather than going through it again. Not all women are towers of strength.

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To elaborate: if they were the ones giving birth, then it’d be expected that they’d ‘handle it’ because that’s what would be the norm.

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