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If a documentary were to be made about a typical day in your life, would you insist on directorial control?

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 29th, 2009

I mean would you be happy for people to see you “warts & all” as it were? Or would you go for the edited airbrushed effect?

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I wouldn’t want any control of it. I’d probably get dressed and do my hair and such a little bit earlier in the day, but I’d like to see what it looked like from everyone else’s perspective.

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wow thatd be a boring ass documentary.

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@uberbatman Yeah the Batman thing has been overdone anyway.

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I’d want people to see how it all really is. Even if I wouldn’t like it.

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Nope I don’t need no control—who’s gonna watch that anyway? As long as it pays well :P

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Nope… reality t.v is torture, a documentary about my life will be pure torture.

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Absolutely. I’d want it to be in the hands of a pro. Who else would know the best parts to leave in?

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