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Want to play the "Can you find me _____ on the internet" game?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) December 22nd, 2011

First, find what the jelly above you is asking for by using your web surfing skillz and post it as a link or copy the text, but always provide the source.

Then, ask the jelly below you to find something else from the internet. It could be anything, a website, article, image, video, etc.

Lastly, have fun and ask for some crazy stuff, but try to keep it fairly safe for work!

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I’ll start with…

Find me a funky monkey!

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Way too easy !

Find me…..the life cycle of a clonorchis sinensis (human liver fluke).

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@syz need something to look for from you.

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I think she edited it

Here’s a microscope slide.

Find me a recipe for cheese bread.

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Quick and easy cheese bread.

Find me a list of the top movies of all time by box office earnings.

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Find me a house that George Washington slept in.

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Mount Vernon. Also his final resting place.

Find me a site that can flip this text upside down.

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ob noʎ ǝɹǝɥ

Find me a beautiful thing for my home

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Here you go

Fine me an ugly thing for my home.

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how about this?

Can you find me the true meaning of happy?

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@sakura perfect.

Well, this makes me happy.

Find me a better gif than the one above.

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saw nsfw as it popped up, will have to look at it later on my phone, not my work laptop!! but thanks anyway xxx

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Find me a Fidel Castro-style cap, black or dark green, for less than 25 dollar.

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@rebbel How does $9.99 grab you? Here Your color choices are shown across the top of the page.

Wow, I would love to better understand giclee print making.

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It’s quite funny; I was checking caps online myself, after I put the question out and found a similar cap as the one you offered thanks for that! from the same brand.
And that is the one that I will order, if I don’t find one tomorrow offline in the city center’s dump store.

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Does this help?

Can you find me a house that is decorated for Christmas..tastefully and distastfully!!

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@sakura Yep, that is perfect!

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