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What did you "get" from your parents...

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 29th, 2009

For me, my Mama loved music of all kinds and poetry. With music, she was all over the board, but, loved opera. I dig it, as well.

From my Pops, it’s his love of nature. Also, his knack for decorating, appreciation of art, and his love of the blues..


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Mom gave me appreciation for thought, learning, music, simple joys and quiet.

Dad- DNA.

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Money, Chocolates

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My mom’s kindness and love of photography and travel. My dad’s quiet nature, musical abilities and silly sense of humor.

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My love of the Arts.

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Dad- Proper music taste. Deep purple, Led Zep, Queen, Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, etc.
Mom-not taking shit from other people and how to cook.

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Love of reading
Love of rock music
Love of ethnic culture

Knack for self reinvention

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Mom: Left-handedness, lack of imagination, use of moderation in everything.
Dad: Love of computers, love for science, poor penmanship, nose

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I got my eyes and my love of reading from my Momma.
I’m a morning person and I have a good memory because of my Dad.

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My dad gave me a love for music with his Rag-Time and Dixie land piano playing as well as my love for the outdoors.

Mom taught me how to cook and that is one of my strongest passions.

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From both, a love of learning and travel. From Mom, my short stature and from Dad, my love of puns.

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My Dad:
A strong work ethic.
A love of 30’s and 40’s music.
My sense of humor.
My bad back.

My Mom:
My common sense.
My political stand.
My religious background.
My heart defect.

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Mom gave me my compassionate, caring, but very stubborn personality. My father gave me my loud mouth, sometimes dramatic Italian personality. He also passed along his depression. Thanks dad.

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I would say from my mother : Music, poetry, love, comapssion, trust, loyalty, and honesty .

From my sperm doner of a father : I’m still not for sure as he was an druken, abusive sob.

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Dad: my sense of humor, love of photography, organization, drive, dicipline
Mum: Pride in being an individual, sense of direction in my life, love of learning life, spiritualty, wisdom

Both: Love <3

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Mother – Eyes. Basic face shape.
Father – Nose. Hair.

I never knew my father, and I wasn’t with my mother long enough to effectively determine what personality traits they may have handed down to me.

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Mother – Cooking skillz and learning how to get what I want.
Father – My geeky side (love of science, technology, adeptness with computers, etc.)

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Mom: Writing skills, attention to detail, love of science fiction, general bubbliness

Dad: No idea. I never met him and neither did my mom. The nurses told her that he was a very nice and funny man so I think I get some of the nicer parts of my personality from him. Also, I think he must have freckled because I’m the only one my family who gets freckles.

My mom also says that I get the engineering gene from my grandfather. She says that’s why a very social girl, such as myself, wants to have a career wherein she’s shut in a small dark room, by herself, for hours on end. I want to be a film editor.

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For the most part I got my mums looks and fiery temper, we both often jump to conclusions!

I got my dads love of music and theatre and love of books and learning.

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From my mum I got an aptitude for art, and my short stature, pale skin and freckles. From my dad I got a love of music and photography, and good genes that keep me slim and looking younger than I really am.

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@downtide – Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me!

I also get my extremely youthful appearance from my mother’s side.

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From my dad, his liberal and fuck everything attitude. From my mom, religious bigotry which, in my case, transitioned itself into a view of myself which I probably value more than what it’s worth.

At least my dad’s career as a hippie and humanist keeps that in check.

Still, it makes me quite a shitty person.

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Proud Irish heritage, and what I didn’t get was that pony they kept telling me I’d get!!!!

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@Irishmar I never got my pony either!

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From my dad: Dark hair, blue eyes (Irish), left handedness, sense of humour, kindness
From my mum: A good memory, artistic, shyness

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Mom-love of animals
Both-How to achieve happiness

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