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Is there anything that you'd love to perfect/master?

Asked by Jude (32134points) February 20th, 2010

For me, being of French descent (there are East Coast (Canadian) Frenchies on my Pop’s side), I’d love to master the French language.

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i would love to be able to ice skate and go horse back riding. both are things i could do with my daughter. i wish i could sew well. i would love to be able to sew clothes for the baby and for myself, and sew things for the house, and to give as gifts.

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Yes, but my wife would probably object. (She can be a spoil-sport when it comes to other women.)

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Public relations.
I am good, but I believe that if I could take it to perfection, I would be unstoppable.

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Harmonica, juggling and river dancing…..all at the same time.

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@DarkScribe Yeah, wives are like that. LOL

This may sound silly, but I’d like to perfect Facebook. Damn, I wish they’d get their act together!!!

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I am of French decent too and have often wanted to understand what alot of family members were talking about.Then,I really thought about it,and came to my!
So for now,I want to perfect the art of silly walking.

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Playing drums, bass guitar, voice modulation, temper/panic control, the stock exchange.

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The ability to inspire,understand, and change my country through the means by which the people inhabit it.

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I’d like to master the guitar, my voice, my hair, I’m rather selfish that way.

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talking to people

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I would love to master my knitting. I’ve been knitting for several years and am really good, but there is always, always room for improvement.

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I’d like to learn more languages. I know some Italian, though I’ve forgotten a lot more. Some Latin, and a smattering of Greek but I’d like to be much more proficient. I want to learn Gaelic and Sanskrit, Sanskrit so that I can investigate something I read in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I’m sure that there are answers, but I won’t be able to read them myself, and I don’t trust anyone to translate what I want to know. Also, I fancy myself a bit of a linguist, and I intend to continue my education and pursue a Masters in linguistics/library sciences. As I understand it, Sanskrit is the mother language, and if one would study languages, one needs to know that one first and foremost.

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I would love to be able to swim. Don’t think it will ever happen though.

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I would love to be able to play the piano.

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@marinelife Can you swim? If you can, then I will teach you to play the piano if you teach me to swim LOLL

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I wish I could play the piano like Professor Longhair, of Tipitina’s fame.

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Whistle for a taxi with my thumb and index finger pressed against teeth, play the banjo, build a dry wall, construct Adirondack twig furniture.

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Not having that little dribble spot in khaki pants after peeing.

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There are plenty of things that I would love to master.
First off, I’d love to be able to speak at least 5 languages. At the top of my list I have Khmer which is the Cambodian language. I’d also like to learn Spanish, French, Japanese and German. I’d like to get to the point where I know all of these fluently.

Also, ceramics. I love using the spinning wheel and painting and all that, but I suck horribly.

Oh, and playing the violin.

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@TheLoneMonk Talk to a urologist. That’s a prostate problem.

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@partyparty Yes, I can swim, and I love to. I would love to teach you to swim.

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@gailcalled I could help you with the woodworking

I’d like to master the commodities market. I’d also like to be able to understand nonverbal social cues (that’s pure fantasy for an aspie though).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: It involves, as I understand it, digging up roots and then soaking them for several months to make them pliable. And then you design and construct.

My wishes now are fantasy ones but thank-you for the offer. I am curious about your life now in a cabin, as I understand it.

The skills that I learned as a kid (playing the piano, swimming, diving, tennis, French) came a lot easier then than they would today. Blondesjon and I have been trying to learn Finnish, unsuccessfully.

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I’m not of French descent (as far as I know, that is. We’re kind of a Heinz 57 family.), but I have always thought French sounded cool. I work on it every so often.

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I want to master making fudge. I know that sounds silly after all these people wanting to master French and Finnish and guitar playing, but I have yet to make good fudge. I’ve tried a variety of recipes and still it comes out grainy and not very good. I can make sponge candy, caramel, truffles and a variety of brittles but fudge eludes me. I did learn one lesson: don’t make fudge in a non-stick pan. It separates in a very ugly way.

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My own domain.

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i admire artists that can draw or paint well. i would also like to be able to make really nicely designed beaded jewelry. not just beads on a string, but elaborate, multi-strand creations.

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@gailcalled My hermitage ended as of yesterday. I’m now cooking and cleaning for eleven, three times a day while getting the pumping and evaporator gear ready for the maple run.

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The piano, so I could play stuff like this.

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A few things:
Guitar. (because everyone tells me how amazing my father was at it.)
Greek and French.
Some kind of programming language. (Yeah I want to be able to nerd out and make cool things.)
Ballroom Dancing.

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Housekeeping and piano.

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Bullshitting. Then I could skate through life….

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I want the ability to lick my eyebrows.

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Everything, really. But first, I need to ‘perfect’ my health and longevity because they are limiting variables to everything else :)

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Speaking another language.

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The violin, life, poetry, my ability to keep a secret.

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Um.. Everything.

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Sword fighting, Marksmanship, Writing, Communication, Athletics, Going to the bathroom…ETC

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American Sign Language Interpretation and a good rapid trauma assessment.

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I wanna wield a trident.

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@Symbeline – I thought you wanted to weild a shakram…

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@HungryGuy I’ve since learned how. >_>

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@Symbeline – Cool! Ancient greek gods…beware!

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I would like to master communication skills

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Glassblowing has always seemed really cool I love the shapes you can make and the colors—just beautiful. Similarly—turned wood. Vases, birdseye maple, all that. Love it! Finally, pottery. I’d love to learn how to throw pottery.

Hmmm. There’s a theme here. Round and round and round and round….

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Detecting and avoiding bullshit.

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My mind and my behavior. Then I could actually get myself to do this homework. More importantly, programming.

Oh, and kendo. Because there’s no way that’d ever happen at this point since I just started at 18 years of age (and in America), but it’s still freaking awesome.

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I would love to sit down and play the piano like a master!

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