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Does anybody have some really messed up In-laws? Care to share any stories?

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) December 31st, 2009

My s/o’s mom really has it out for me. Ever since she’s moved in with me her mom is constantly voicing her opinion on how she wishes she was back at home with her. How I’m not the right guy for her, how I must have something extremely mentally wrong with me because I take occasional meds for Generalized Anxiety. All her ideas and complaints are all paranoid delusions of what she thinks is happening which I cannot help but laugh at in surprise of what’s being mentioned.

Anyways, anybody got anything to top that?

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I can’t really top that. My in-laws are really just cold and “cadaver-like” which is very hurtful, especially to my son. They obviously favor my husband’s brother and his family and brag about them to us all the time, never asking how we are doing.
They are so cheap it’s ridiculous—even though they have a ton of money. I suppose that’s how they got it .. but… they drive a 1978 station wagon with 40,000 miles on it and brag what a great accomplishment that is. It’s just one boast-fest after another.

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My Father In Law is very stubborn and rude, but the rest of the family mostly just ignores him. It used to be embarrassing to go to a restaurant with him because he complains 100% of the time, but he is disabled now, and doesn’t go out with the rest of the family.

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Mine are very odd- my wife would like to disown her family (particularly her father). He is very stubborn, and thinks anything not done his way is wrong. He even refuses to adjust his watch for daylight saving, so all summer is an hour out of step with the rest of society.

My wife was refused a tertiary education by her parents, while her older sister was given one, and her younger brother will inherit all that is worthwhile (including the farm). She has risen above them all, and I am proud of her for that.

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My sweet mother in law arranged dates for my husband for about 5 years after we were married. We show up to her house for dinner and “Oh look who showed up, you remember her from church you used to have a crush on her. Here you sit next to Darla.” Then she’d sit me as far away from the couple as possible. HAHAH My father in law was a henpecked
ninny he’d sneak a word of apology to me, darting nervous glances around making sure he didn’t get caught consorting with the enemy. He died and she is still a peach. I stopped suffering in silence when I had a child and she thought she would treat him like a turd. I just told her if you can’t say something nice to my son don’t say a goddamn word, dear. We have an understanding now. She knows I’d knock her block off if I catch her mistreating my babies.

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My husbands mother hated me on sight. I don’t think it had anything to do with me particularly, she would have hated anyone that was “taking her baby”. He was 25 years old when we got married. She was so upset that none of his family came to our wedding. I honestly was glad. I felt really bad for my husband, but I was glad she didn’t show up and make a fool of herself. After I got pregnant she wanted to be my best friend and begged us to come live with them. My husband and I just laughed. She was forever trying to cause problems for us. She was calling my family and telling them weird lies about us all the time. My mom told her if she called again my mom was going to call the police on her for harrassment. It was a freak show. She finally died and my father in law got remarried to a wonderful woman I’m proud to call my mother in law. And I found I really like my father in law. We were never able to get to know each other through all the drama.

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I just dont get it…Why would you go out of your way to hate someone when your child loves this person? Especailly because they too have/had in-laws who have probably not accepted or liked them.

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I am sorry that you are in this situation. Does your SO challenge her mother’s opinions and statements?

My mother-in-law is a piece of work. They once announced they were coming to stay with us (told us not asked us) for certain dates. It was a horrible time for us. My husband was between jobs. We had just moved into our house (and had not even unpacked). I was working at a software company and we were shipping a product so I was insanely busy.

After they went home, they wrote my husband a letter offering to pay for the divorce and saying that he could come and live with them.

He wrote them back and told them they were completely out of line. We did not speak to them for nearly a year after that.

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We had two Chow Chow dogs that we left in the car of my mother -in -law while we went on vacation.When we came back to pick them up,she had shaved both of them completely bald!That was one of the first of many stunts.Lol!

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@lucillelucillelucille i hate it when people point out typos but I got scared for a second when it said you left them in you MIL’s car!

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my future mother in law is a horror. my boyfriend is 19 years old, almost 20 and still lives at home (not by his chosing). he tries so hard to get kicked out and then when he brought up the idea of moving in with me she FLIPPED! she says she likes me but sometimes i just dont believe her. she makes his life a living hell. she will wait till i leave to have a serious discussion with him that lasts well on into the night and usually ends up into a yelling match, for him to wake up 3 hrs later to go work his butt off for the measly pay he gets. she will pull me to the side and tell me things and be hateful toward me for no reason, and then when i tell him about it and he gets mad at her for it she gets hasty with me. and its not like i can really do anything. im just the girlfriend of her baby. i dont know if its just she cant let him go and grow up and be his own person or if she really is that messed up. oh, and ANOTHER thing that drives me crazy and shes always telling him how he cant do things. shes always so mean to him telling him he cant pass a class or graduate from college or be a cop like he wants to be. she doesnt think he is smart enough or capable of doing anything. its like she wants to take care of him for the rest of her life and no one else can. she’s always on meds and from what i have heard got over an addiction that literally made her crazy. before we started dating he told her that if she ruined our relationship by butting in he would disown her and NEVER forgive her. she has butted in ALOT but i say my peace to him, they argue, and then they dont discuss it again. i invited his family to be nice to my 21st birthday party at my parents house and i was on edge the entire time waiting for her to drop the f bomb… my family just doesnt use that word (not that they dont curse its just not every other world like sailor mouth mom-n-law to be). i just cant wait till we get married. ugggghhhh…

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@knitfroggy -Lol!That is one that shopuld be pointed out!!!I meant “care”—-See how carless I am???Thanks,by the way :)

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@lucillelucillelucille don’t feel bad. I’ve been carless before! :)

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My first, second and fourth set of in-laws were or are really good and kind people. The third set I never met, one was dead and the other was estranged his daughter.

I finally have the perfect wife for me. Her parents are closer to me than my own parents. Even I can learn to make better choices. It’s a very long story.

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How about this… father-in-law made an announcement to a room full of my family and friends that he wants his grand-son to marry an Italian girl. At which time I said, kindly, ‘I’m not Italian and your son married me.” He then WENT OFF…pounding the table and…“F-ing” this and that. Almost three years have past without him speaking to me (or even looking at me). I had the last laugh at my son’s wedding this summer when he married a lovely Irish girl. The F-ing man looses twice….he doesn’t have my respect and he doesn’t have my daughter-in-laws respect either.

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