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Whats a cool drastic way to do eye make up?

Asked by Rayvin14 (351points) January 4th, 2010

I LOVE to wear make up, and i’m really into drastic eye shadow, but i’m kinda wanting a new way to do it. I would also like to have a more natural look also. Any suggestions? :)

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Here are 10 close-up eye photos and tips on how to do Fall and Winter themed eye colors. They are very dramatic and really sound like something you are looking for. Enjoy!

Top 5 Eye Shadows for Fall:

Christmas Makeup Ideas with Pictures:

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You might want to look through this and pretend you are justing starting out doing eye make-up. That way you can create a new and up-to-date look.

Here are some ictures of extreme styles for use at parties. And here is the current “natural” runway style.

Then this page has a number of different examples of different themes in eye make-up.

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Maybe try doing cat-eye liquid eyeliner on your top lid. I think it looks great when it’s done right. You have to go thin along the lashes, gradually getting thicker as you reach the end of your eye and extend past it. Perhaps paired with smoky eyeshadow, dark gray on the outer lid, fading into a lighter gray to the inner corner. They sell palettes in drug stores that have pale gray, medium gray, dark gray. I know I can’t live without mine. You can do subtle darkening with it, or something deep and intense. If you wet the applicator, it makes the shadow come out really dark and thick.

You could do something like this too. Apply the gray shadow along the bottom lashes… but like in the picture, mix in some gold or a light color on top so you don’t look like a zombie.

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@JessicaRay Ugh, those are awful. Poorly done, too.

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Go HERE , upload your picture, and try on all sorts of different make up styles.

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‘Cool’ and ‘drastic’, something like this then? Totally natural.

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