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Any ideas for a sagging chin aside from surgery?

Asked by Just_Justine (6511points) March 5th, 2010

Even when I was much younger and a heck of a lot thinner, I had a “double’ chin. I was just made that way. Of course it was smaller. As I grew older and more decrepit it has gotten worse. My question then is, are there technologies to minimise it? Does make up contouring really help? I will never have surgery as I feel it is traumatic for the body, besides I smoke. Has anyone else got one?. Or a part they hate that they have learned to ignore. I try to but my friends who are all younger and more gorgeous tease me about it. I guess its become pretty obvious is what I am saying. I asked my son if he thought it was bad and he just makes turkey noises!! Any advice, similar experience, help or other appreciated thanks!

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Hold it up high! Pay no attention to your son.

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Of course this! You never know this one could really work! and only for $19.99 Shame on your friends and your son.

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ack! Shame on them!!

My mom complains about her neck. lt’s really not that bad and I also remind her that she’s 68. Gravity starts to work against us, eventually. She has learned to work with makeup a little more and stays away from anything that “settles” into (her words) cracks, crevices and crinkles. anything to avoid the word wrinkle I’m not sure what she is using now, but has moved away from mineral makeup, it was just to dry for her skin and seemed to accentuate what she was trying to hide.

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Shame on your friends and son indeed. My vote is for quitting smoking and seriously considering surgery if it really bothers you. Make-up will never be able to accomplish what surgery can. I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery (have never done it myself), but I do believe that life is too short to be unhappy about something you can change.

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Here is an article with eight exercises for sagging chins.

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The advice of this lady is also worth looking into.

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Stop smoking. Smoking really F’s up the elasticity of the skin that I am sure of, other than that to bring it back?? Lose weight, apply Aloe….Vit E, exercise like a 20 yr old and I bet you lose a good part of your waddle!

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I really like having you around here so please quit smoking!.

It will be good for your skin as well as your lungs and heart.
Eat a balanced diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, as well as fibre.

The facial exercises will improve your muscle tone that supports the skin on your face and neck.

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i think sometimes a double chin can be caused by a “weak chin.” a friend of mine had a weak chin and she had a chin implant and got the double chin removed. she really did look like a different person.

it would be a good lesson for your son to learn to respect his mother and respect people in general by not making fun of them. also for him to realize that sometimes by his insensitivity he can hurt people’s feelings, and he should be more considerate.

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I have no solutions as am getting there too, but in my case I think it’s fat! I remember watching a movie when I was young that had women wrapping a cloth under their chins and tying it on top of their heads to prevent a double chin!

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facial exercises like this one

my mom started doing this with her new dieting, for sure her double chin has faded but I don’t know if its from dieting and exercises or just the facial exercises

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