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Shooting pain in legs for a 13 year old also I want to eat but am not hungry, try to eat and I feel sick? help!

Asked by wee1020 (64points) January 4th, 2010

I am a thirteen year old girl, very strong and fit, diet isnt the best but not bad. I started getting this (which is completely random, I could be sitting down or walking and it gets as bad as I have to stop because it feels as if I am walking on a broken leg) along with lower chronic back pain months ago and it wont go away. I really want to eat because I enjoy food but now it makes me feel waaay over stuffed and as if I will throw up! along with these symptoms I cant seem to fall asleep even though I get extremely tired. please help me! thanks for any answers or advice as to what this is from people who know or have experienced it.

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I would check with your doctor – of course, but the leg pain sounds like the growing pains I had when I was your age. I had it in my legs and in my arms. And with the chronic back pain…not to be too personal….but has your chest grown a lot recently? Are you wearing a supportive enough bra? Even smaller sizes need support. The sleep part sounds like some anxiety, I’d point that out to your doc too.

As for the food part, I don’t really know other than are you eating at a different time than usual? I tend to get sick to my stomach if I eat too early in the morning.

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the leg pain isnt growning pains, I hav a twin brother and my friends are the same age and they dont have anything like this. as for eating, I am eating at the same time. the chronic pain is in my lower back which is why I’m really confused

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@wee1020 There seems to be enough reason to you to see a qualified pediatrician – That’s not a baby doctor, its for anyone 18 and under. You want to be healthy, so find out what is wrong and what you can do to contribute to your process of getting to feel better.

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Go see a doctor! Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.

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Maybe your twin & your friends don’t have growing pains; that doesn’t make it impossible for you. See a doctor & find out what’s going on.

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@ccrow k, thanks everyone.

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Joint pains can be growing pain but a constant lower back pain or not being able to eat or drink isn’t. Unless there is a chance you are pregnant. However if its something that occurs about ever 28 days or so you are probably starting your cycle if you haven’t yet. It can give you lower back pain, restlessness, and nausea, You can also have cysts, thyroid problems or any number of things wrong. I’m not trying to panic you but honestly no one can diagnose you on line. Not even a doctor. Talk to your parents and get a physical from your doctor. They can also be signs of thyroid problems so please get checked out.

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