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How to fix PNG alpha transparency in Internet Explorer 6?

Asked by mirza (5057points) February 28th, 2008

Ok I have already tried google and came across a bunch of articles that did not help. Heres the problem : IE6 does not support alpha transparency in IE6 and I need to desperately fix it. Is there a hack that would let me solve the problem.
An example of my problem can be seen here

Also, please no links to articles since I have read about 23 articles on this issue so far.

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Hmm. Not sure how to answer your question without linking to an article.

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@phoenyx: i already read that article. As i said, I already googled it and tried all the techniques so far.

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We use the htc file trick for fluther for images, and the alphaloader CSS trick for transparent divs. You can always take a look at the site in IE6 and go from there.

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If your image is a background image, you can use CSS along these lines to do this.

Main stylesheet

div#mydiv {
background-image: url(/images/mytransparent.png);

IE stylesheet

div#mydiv {
background-image: none;

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Dave Edmunds has a javascript library called IE7 that does this automatically. See here.

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Oops, bad link. Make that Dean Edwards.

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How to fix PNG alpha transparency in Internet Explorer 6?, still i am not able clear this point, any one can guide me ?

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I used the PNG fix on this page
I used the twin helex HTC fix as the bobosola javascript fix I used on another site didn’t work.

Alternatively if you are using this just for background images you can use conditional mark up to specify an IE6 stylesheet and use gifs for IE6 users instead.

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Heres a nice collection, including the transparent PNG fix for IE6. IE6 Fixes

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