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Anyone here have experience with dental implants?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) January 6th, 2010

I have four implants on my top jaw. I had healing caps put on them today. I’m just now starting to notice some swelling in the sinus area. If anyone has done this before, did your swelling get really bad? How long did it last? I know everyone reacts differently but it can’t hurt to hear some testimonies.

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@J0E Woah. That’s fuckin’ bizarre.

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All I can tell you is that a friend of mine has been in the process of getting multiple dental implants for the past two years, and he has had lots of problems with them. If you think something isn’t going the way it should, go to your dentist, the one that put the implants in, and make sure all is going the way it should. My friend had to have some work undone because of infection.

OTOH, my Dad has two implants and has had no trouble at all.

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@J0E Lolwutttt.
@Darwin Hmm yeah I’m hoping for no infections. I had bone grafting done and the implant surgery with no problems, so let’s hope that trend continues. But at the moment I’m concerned because I don’t to want swell up like I did with the bone grafting. That was awful. I was looking to see if anyone could tell me their swelling was mild, severe, etc.

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Just out of curiosity, why would a person need dental implants in the first place? :\

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@DominicX – My friend needs them because he was born missing a number of vital teeth. My dad needs his because he knocked out a permanent adult tooth right in the front when he was a kid, and he broke another one fighting an anesthesiologist (he doesn’t go under easily).

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Interesting. I had just never really heard of it before. I knew about crowns, but not an actual dental implant. Believe it or not, I actually am missing teeth, but they are wisdom teeth, so I am not really complaining… :P

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I have one implant in my top jaw. I remember it being uncomfortable for a while after the fact ( I mean, something is being screwed into your bone and all…) but it wasn’t too bad. I think I was given some painkillers that I took.

Btw dental implants are the shit. It’s like a super tooth. It feels like all your other teeth and it’s totally cavity/decay proof. If I had the money and the willpower I would replace all of my teeth with implants (no shit) if only to have a kickass set of choppers when I’m 90 :B

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You need to contact your dentist and oral surgeon. Because the quality of the bone is so important to the success of implants, any kind of infection can compromise the outcome. Call them. right away.

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@trailsillustrated Haha, no. Swelling in the sinus region is totally normal when you’re doing work in this area. I woke up this morning expecting the worse but the amount of swelling seemed pretty much the same as it did last night. I don’t think it’s gonna get too bad. What my surgeon told me to look for was a bluish/gray color in the gum around the implant site, cause that would be bad.

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@scruffpuff Lol yeah they’re pretty cool. It’s interesting to look at the x-rays and see these 4 titanium screws. My surgeon joked that she was making me bionic, which is semi-true and awesome.

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@le_inferno yeah man. I had my jaw broken and screwed/wired back together as well as two bone graphs so every time I go see a new dentist we have to spend like 10 minutes going over my xrays. I’m just glad it all happened in this century and not some other :D

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Husband has a fortune in them. Lots of problems with them breaking off at the base. ))-: He never took care of himself.

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