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Is there anyway of seeing how many "great question"/"great answer" points I have received?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 28th, 2008
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although it would be cool if you could

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Yes it is the score after your name. 5 points for every great answer/ great question and 1 point for every day you log in.

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actually, I believe it’s four points for GQ and five for GA, which I don’t really get.

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actually 5 for Great Answer, 3 for Great question, and 1 point for every day you log in after logging in the day before. so if you miss a day the first day back you don’t get a point.

Since you’ve asked a lot of questions and answered a lot more the process of going through all those to add it all up would really take a lot of time.

I think what’s more important than your score, is that we all appreciate your sincere interest in providing a quality learning experience for your class and that you allow us to be a part of that.

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And to back it up, here are some sources. So +5 for GA, +3 for GQ and +1 for two consecutive logins.

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