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My dog "corn on the cobs" everything, anyone have this problem?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 12th, 2010

Well this doesn’t bother me all that much as it is not destructive in any way but my dog does what my friends and I call “corn on the cobs” things. He will bite things like pillows, blankets, skin, anything with a little something to grip. He will repeatedly in repetition nibble on something. He has a slight underbite and I think he can’t get a good grip because when he does it to me on occasion when he gets excited, it does not hurt, it almost tickles. He usually does this when he is very excited. I think he is letting out frustration or his excitement? I suppose it’s behavioral but does it mean anything in particular? I hope I explained the action well – it’s hard to give great detail on it but picture a dog eating corn on the cob and trying to nibble the kernels off of it lol He even works his way in a line sometimes like is in a race to get to the other side of the cob lol.

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Dogs do “nibble” their favorite people and pack members as a form of happy greeting. When your dog nibbles your hand or ears, it is a sign of affection. The male dog will also nibble the female that is in heat.

Young dogs also do this as a form of play. If they are not taught to not do this they will continue throughout their lives. I would say if it is doing no damage at all, then I wouldn’t worry about it. But keep an eye on him so he doesn’t start nibbling harder.

You are lucky. We have a Pit Bull and an American Bulldog. They don’t nibble things, they crunch them. However, they do nibble hands using only their lips as a way to say hello or good morning.

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My dog will nibble her squishier chew toys, as well as whatever patch of skin happens to be itching. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

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Mine does this, but it is a response to an allergy that makes him itch a lot. When I have him medicated, he doesn’t do it much, but it does increase with his excitement level, so perhaps this is your dogs reason.

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I think you are describing what we call flea biting, the nibble nibble nibble thing. It always seems to me that it is a sign of affection. My one dog does it to her humans and to her dog mates as well. It never hurts, it feels funny.

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I had a German shepherd who did this, usually when we were scratching him. He did it a bit too hard, though, & would leave tiny bruises!

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This is the funniest thing to read! My dog does this and I have never seen another dog do it. He will do this with our feet and our hands when he wants to play, but also with his toys. My mom was laughing so hard just the other day because she said it looked like he was eating corn on the cob her exact words. What kind of dog is it?

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He is part Jack Russell and Pit bull, I agree it is a very funny thing to watch lol

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I Have a brussel griiffon/jack russel that nibbles, she does this to our heads/scalp and especially likes to greet men if we are at the dog parl by nibbling hairs on their legs, she is very fresh!

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That’s too funny, cause my dog (who happens to be a Staffordshire Terrier, Pitt mix) does the same exact thing, and as a matter of fact, since seeing her do it for the first time, I’ve been referring to it as “corn on the cob” too. LOL :-) My parents were asking me why she does that, so I said I didn’t know and that I would Google “my dog does corn on the cob.” My mom thought I was insane for phrasing it that way, and thought I wouldn’t get any results. I actually got pages of results & I read more and more about dogs doing this & how THEY are also calling it “corn on the cob.” I wonder if it’s a breed thing (both our dogs have terrier and pitt) I’ve had dogs all of my life & before her, not one has done this. Glad to know I’m not alone, haha!

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My terrier mix does this as well. I call it “cobbing”. He doesn’t do it to people or other dogs, just to soft things like his bed, blankets, etc. He never damages anything. It looks exactly like he is eating an ear of corn. Too funny.

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LOL funny way of putting it. My puppy does this too. It irritates the crap out of me cause he ignores the chewy part of the toy altogether and nibbles like this on the parts that can be destroyed.

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My pit bull only nibbles famly members ears then licks your whole face ! Other people seeing this would call it mauling but it doesnt hurt kinda tickles I always thought he was just wierd guess thats why im here

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I have a mastiff/sharpei and he does this he’s a year old and started doing it at about 5months. He does it when we are laying in bed he will nibble blankets, sheets, clothes we are wearing, he doesn’t hurt anything or anyone but, would love to know why he does that. I also have a mastiff/boxer and he doesn’t do it.

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My bully pit nibbles on the blanket when we play with her and when she’s excited

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