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Aussies, What are your experiences about Racism in your country?

Asked by RAWRxRandy (620points) January 14th, 2010

I’ve heard a lot of stories that in the recent past Australians have been attacking International Students (mainly Indian).

Now most of it is in Melbourne from what i’ve read and saw on TV but is it centered around specific suburbs? Or just in the City perhaps?

Also, if you have different colored skin/Of a different race than White, have you experienced racism at school/work and do you feel that racism is easily noticeable there? Be it preconceived notions, selection of friends, favoritism at work.

An added note is that I’ve lived there but i was really young and have never experienced Racism personally probably because i was only around children my age and I don’t think we gave a Sh-t about the color of someone’s skin at that age. My sister however, was in high school and experienced it a lot.

My family’s now planning to move back there, and we’re considering everything.
Hope you guys got something to say :] And I guess this has turned out to be a bit lengthy and both a discussion AND problem. Sorry…? :X

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As far as I know of the situation, it is Lebanese immigrants who are predominantly responsible for the attacks on Indian students. I do not like to generalise, but it stems from racial issues that don’t really involve Australia at all. We just happen to be the battleground. The recent attacks have been in Melbourne, but it started in Brisbane a few months back.

The only experience of racism I have had here is when three young guys made some uncouth comments about my girlfriend being Asian, while I am a white Australian. It offended us both, so I do not want to recount details. It is near impossible for a white Australian to be racist in the cities, as we are now in the minority. In Sydney, the majority of the population is of Asian background, and there is a very large Middle Eastern population. Melbourne has the second most Greeks of any city in the world, after Athens, so again racism would be misplaced. In country Australia racism is more common, but usually in soft forms where prejudices are easily broken down once they meet someone of a different race.

In general, we are a laid back people and accept everyone (including some we shouldn’t). Our society is one of the most multicultural in the world, and most people are proud of that fact.

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@simone54 What is that meant to mean? Its a little ambiguous for my mind at this time of night.

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Well, here’s the thing. Because we’re so fantastic and multicultural, there are a rather large number of people here from specific backgrounds. Said people tend to form groups. Said groups tend not to like each other.

I’m in Adelaide. Things are a lot more calm here. But we still get the occasional Sudanese gang fight.

In other news, there’s a tad of reverse racism due to my terrible terrible whiteness.

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I’m from adelaide and think it’s real racist. it’s not as bad as it used to be.

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I was at a small grocery store in Lightning Ridge, QLD, and when I brought my shopping up to the counter, the middle-aged-ish owner called me an abbo and refused to serve me. Boy, was he surprised when I told him I was an Af-Am from NYC, and asked him was this how he treated people who were looking to spend money in his shop.

My white Aussie bf just stood there open-mouthed in shock. He’d never seen that kind of blatant racism before. The store owner hadn’t realized we were together and tried to backpedal after that, but we just left. If he didn’t want my money, that was fine with me.

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@daemonelson Adelaide’s a lot more calm?

But @trailsillustrated You say Adelaide’s racist?


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@RAWRxRandy Adelaide is fairly spread out. I was speaking more in reference to the city-southward. I’m not sure about other areas.

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I live in Sydney. I have seen and heard a bit of racism here but the most I have seen was in Queensland. I was really shocked at their attitudes to people of different race, especially our own Aboriginals. The way they are treated is truly disgusting. I felt ashamed of being white just seeing and hearing the abuse the Aboriginals had to endure. @FireMadeFlesh says the conflict in Melbourne with the Indian people is with the Lebanese. This is the first I have heard of this. I wish he had given a reference.

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@Theby I’ve heard this also. I’m not quite sure where. I’ll have a look around for a link.

Update: Well, how the hell about that. Thanks, Wikipedia.

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@daemonelson That Wiki page scared me a bit…Blinding someone? Putting someone in a Coma? ugh…. How can people do this? DX
Its sounds so horrible…

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New story:

That is just too far, burning down a religious building… Seriously? UGH x__x

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@Theby This Indian news site says that it has been Lebanese. As with any other crime, the media is reluctant to mention any link with the Middle East or Islam, so I can’t place exactly which source I got it from. Even the guy who lit his shoe on fire in a plane, it took 4–5 news reports before his religion or race was mentioned.

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