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What are you thoughts on whites becoming the minority by 2050?

Asked by OrganicQuotes (52points) January 14th, 2010

What are you thoughts? How do you think things will change?
Will things be different? Will racial issues become less and less or will it only cause things to escalate? When faced with becoming a minority(or in the eyes of americans “extinction”) how will people react?

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It’s all good in the hood.

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What type of white?

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I’m white, and I don’t care.

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I wonder how “white” will be defined in 2050.

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Where? European whites have been the minority on earth since time immemorial.

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Won’t matter to me, and it still wouldn’t even if I were going to be alive then.

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>implying that whites were ever the majority

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I wasthinking the same as @ChazMaz and @phoenyx. It’s not something that bothers me in the slightest providing it’s because of natural causes and not mass murder! However, regardless of whether white people do become “extinct” or not I think there will always be racism unless everyone starts to look the same and that would be very boring indeed!

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Color is irrelevant but culture is not. As long as our Western culture is not subverted I’m a happy citizen.

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I really do not care as long as “they” stay out of my yard and turn that music down!

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I have never seen a white person. What carnival do they work at?

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Spain manages to get by. I’m sure we will too.

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White as in the general Caucasian public of America. Basically if you were filling out an application for employment and they asked what is your race and if you check Caucasian…Then thats the white im talking about. Sorry for not clarifying that.

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@OrganicQuotes I think that we will always have government sponsored racism like that until we finally abolish that evil organization.

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I assume you’re talking about the USA only since whites aren’t the worldwide majority…

I certainly hope that whites no longer being the majority won’t even make the news, although I bet I’ll be disappointed. I think there might be some hubbub about American cultural shifts or whatever, but it’ll all be bullshit and nothing will change. Racism in America is based in classism, but people don’t see in money, so they see it as a racial divide. The number of whites vs minorities won’t change that.

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It’s just how it goes – there is no reason whites or any race should be a minority or a majority – race shouldn’t matter. I know it does, maybe whites being not in the minority will help change things around.

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@walterallenhaxton haha just abolish the whole government huh? I dont know how likely that is gonna happen but one can still dream right? haha

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My point is that in 40 years from now I think it will be even harder to put people in bins like “white/caucasian”, “black”, “brown”, “yellow”, etc. What bin do you stick Tiger Woods in? What about his children? Look at what a hard time the media had with Obama. I remember listening to a news show where the interviewee referred to Obama as an “African African American” because his father was not “African American”, but “African” and that’s how she made the distinction. The interviewer then asked about his “white” mother and got similar linguistic contortions. I thought it was pretty ridiculous.

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@phoenyx yes hopefully there will be no bins.

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It is no big deal. I mean it is bound to happen especially since whites do not have many babies

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@phoenyx @Simone_De_Beauvoir Hopeful thinking…but highly doubtful. Majority of people are filled with prejudice and elitist values. They will find a way to make a distinction between people and they will find ways to outcast them.

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@OrganicQuotes yes but it might not be along the lines of race – it’ll be along genetic weaknesses

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We’re all going to breed and become one color. Beige.
Sooner or later we’re going to hump you :) “Tiger Wood you”

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Show me a genetically “pure” Caucasian or Asian or Aboriginal person or Negro (correct usage here only).

Then show me someone who thinks that racial “purity” is an important distinction.

I’ll then show you an ignorant racist.

We are people, i.e. human beings, all supposedly Homo sapiens (means Man the Wise)

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@Dr_Lawrence Go to Japan. You’ll see a lot of emphasis put on “racial purity.” Of course, something like 98% of the population is of purely Japanese descent. (Source)

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I was under the impression we already were the minority. Aren’t there over a billion chinese alone?

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I don’t even think about it to be honest.
Colour is colour is colour – I love everyone, colour is just not important to me.

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@Dr_Lawrence you are in probably the 5% of the population that thinks like that… and no I have no stats or links…just an opinion

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@ParaParaYukiko I am aware of this national characteristic and while I object to it based on my principles, I recognise that the Japanese are very concerned with racial “purity.” Having been an Empire for so many centuries has raised the significant of this parameter to an extreme level. As Japan continues to interact more cooperatively with other races, they will slowly back away from such xenophobia. It many take up to a century!

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@daemonelson Im talking about in the United States

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@OrganicQuotes In Canada despite our ugly history relative to aboriginal, asian, and African people in the past, we are slightly less focused on racial “purity.” Many of us are of some kind of mixed origin whether we know the details or not.

We have a long way to go to treat our native people with the dignity and respect every person deserves.

In the far eastern parts of Canada, historical tensions between those of “European” ancestry and “African” heritage persist at some level.

At the west end of the country, the rising proportion of Asian and East Indian people have some “European” people uneasy. These things will all get sorted out.

We have so many different groups who together make up the Canadian mosaic that in most places, no group is the majority to any great extent and we have to work and live side by side. That reduces tensions in the long run – the literature on this is clear.

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@Dr_Lawrence Just becuase you can work and live together and tensions are low…doesn’t mean people aren’t prejudice. There was a study I read in psychology today recently about how when you laugh at a racial or otherwise offensive joke to any group…means in some way you are partial to one group over another. Like the old saying goes…Theres always a little truth in joking…My point wasnt to disagree with you…but the fact that you can honestly say that you are absolutely in no way partial to one race, color, or ethinicity over another…is a very bold statement to live by. And as much as people want to believe they are not prejudice or “say” they are not. Generally they are…

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@Dr_Lawrence Your also still speaking in terms of Canada and European countries…while things are greatly different here in America. And that also is a fact.

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@Dr_Lawrence Interesting how you seem to have a more accepting attitude towards the pervasive racism in Japan. To me, it seems like you’re saying “Oh, we’ll just have to wait 100 years until the Japanese stop being racist. That’s okay.” at the same time as saying “Racism is intolerable, and anyone who believes in racial purity is terrible.”

Does your intolerance against racism only apply to Western society? Westerners have been racist just as long as the Japanese have. It’s equally difficult to erase that mentality from society.

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I go to a highschool where those of European decent are the minority, but I don’t really care you just live with it. I have a wide variety of friends of all races. I wouldn’t really care if that did happen, but as far as racism increasing, I don’t know it depends if this occurrs naturally or because of killing

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I acknowledge that I see subtle evidence of sometimes extreme discomfort that people have with those of different cultures, skin colours, facial features, and aromas.

People are comfortable with what they know best and that is people they perceive to be “like” them as opposed to “unlike” them. Even the most experienced and educated people are not immune to stereotypical expectations of members of “other” groups.

Awareness is a starting point for fighting the biases we hold. Exposure to a wide enough sample of people from different groups shows us that the differences within groups are as great or greater than the differences between groups.

That means that when we take the time to look, the difference between groups are based on superficial and mostly trivial features.

Our prejudices are there for sure! . They are not very useful or helpful but they are there.

@ParaParaYukiko I consider racism ugly, unhelpful and useless wherever it exists. Whether it is hidden with politically correct language or gracelessly exposed by the ignorant or tactless, it is the same creature.

Whether an historical context helps to explain it or not does not justify it.

I am aware of my own prejudices and I work hard to avoid acting stupidly or cruelly.
I challenge my own thinking about other people much more toughly than I do the behavior of other people.

I screw up sometimes, like nearly all of you.

I challenge irrational fears and assumptions whether I think them or I hear others express them. I wish more people cared enough to do the same.

Thank you for your patience with this long answer!

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@OrganicQuotes The Feds are doing a good job of getting rid of themselves and the States too. The counties will soon be under pressure from the education lobby. The real problem we have with getting rid of that lying thieving murdering bunch of scoundrels is the cities and their racketeers. If you are a landlord you know exactly what I mean. As for tenants doing work. Most people who do the kind of work required in apartment maintainable are renters too. I know that they do not make the best repairs but what repairs they make they have to live with until they leave. That buys you time as a landlord. It is what matters. Also you get to keep the money until there is enough to do on the apartment to have it done efficiently. Those small jobs are very expensive for you to do and cheap for the tenant. Replacing a toilet ball or uncloging a sink is best done by the tenant if they know how. Also why wast you time with a door lock. Let the tenant give you a key for the new one. You can of course tell them what kind of lock set you want If that is important to you. I of course would be upset if my tenant changed the lock and blocked my access.
Fixing a rail is an emergency situation and it does not matter who does it. Just that it is safe again.

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@OrganicQuotes I’m talking about the world.

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@daemonelson the questions was geared more towards North America…Especially the United States…In case you didnt catch on to that yet

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@walterallenhaxton What on earth does what you said have to do with this topic?

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@walterallenhaxton I second what @Dr_Lawrence asked. What does that have to do with minorities?

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@OrganicQuotes – why is your question only relevant for the United States?

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I don’t mind so much, unless it turns into that quasi-reverse Apartheid they’ve got in South Africa. That would suck.

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The concern about whites not retaining their “majority” status is comparable to the claim
that gay marriage undermines the value of straight marriage.

If there were only two races in the US, the change, though still meaningless, would technically mean one race that was the minority would become the majority.

In the US where there are Causacians, Aboriginal (Native American) people, Asians, Hispanics, and an infinite number of racial combinations, when Caucasians make up 48% of the population, there probably will be no majority race. So what?

Anyone worrying about this should see a proctologist for help locating their head.

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@Rachienz /agree
@OrganicQuotes Shockingly, I’m not in America. There are still one or two of us who fall into this category.

I was just mentioning that whites are the minority in the big picture, and there hasn’t really been an apocalypse as a result of this.

@Dr_Lawrence I like it.

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There are other countries and places where “whites” are the minority that don’t result in complete anarchy.

What is wrong with less whites, more whites, equal whites, no whites? What difference does it make?

People are people and there will be different people around then. Maybe similar ratios to today, maybe different. Impact? Why would there be a significant impact?

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@ParaParaYukiko: Interesting, but it ignores the fact that the human race didn’t arise in Japan. Hence, the Japanese, while referring to themselves as “pure” in the sense that there is a very distinct cultural identity, actually belong to the same mitochondrial haplogroups as: Some Chinese, Tibetans, Mongolians, Central Asians, Koreans, Amerindians, South Siberians and Austronesians. Let’s not even talk about the Japanese Royal Family being descended from Koreans.

The idea of racial purity is problematic, especially considering that there is greater genetic variation between people of the same ‘race’ than there is between people of different races.

Race is a largely cultural construction.

How do I feel about whites not being the majority come 2050? I’ll be at the end of my life by then. My children are mixed ‘race’ (Caucasian and Japanese), so I guess I think it’s a good thing.

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“Or in the eyes of Americans ‘extinction’”... I thought you were talking about white people possibly becoming upset that they’d be the minority? White doesn’t equal ‘American’. ‘American’ is anyone who has obtained citizenship, or has it simply because they are born here…

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The artists formerly known as “white” won’t be THE miniority. They will be ONE OF the several minorities making up the total population of the US.

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I figure that in 100 years or so, we will all be a nice coffee with cream color. We’ll have other things to fight about instead of race. I see no problem with that. Besides, I just figured out that I’ll be 103 and have other things to worry about. I just hope my nurse isn’t prejudiced.

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@Dr_Lawrence good answer! There are actually people in England engaged in a breeding war with Arabic immigrants. I think it’s pretty funny.

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I don’t care.

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@Dr_Lawrence Minorities are a political concept. I suspect that you are responding to my response to somebody else’s response to me. Most minorities are not coherant groups. Whites certainly are not and therefor as whites they are politically irrelevant. There is no white voting block like there is a black one in the USA.
I personally would like to make even that irrelevant by outlawing government force like we outlaw other crimes. That criminal organization seems to have the upper hand for now. It is possible it will be weakened by the bankruptcy and collapse of the USA government. It is important that people think about how to organize society again if that happens.
The vast expansion of government in the mean time will completely disorder much of society. It is the non governmental sector which will put things back in place when it collapses.

How is this relevant to minorities.? Government maintains such fictitious distinction among people to maintain it’s power. It is the source of the divisiveness. It tells on its self when it forces people to keep records based on minority status. They are of medical use only and of no use to any employer or anyone else except the government.
A free people would simply not bother with keeping them.
This question is all about a change in political power. Not about skin color.

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I would rather ask questions like

What are you thoughts on educated people becoming the minority by 2050?
What are you thoughts on people with access to clean water becoming the minority by 2050?
What are you thoughts on people with access to affordable energy becoming the minority by 2050?
Can Earth accommodate 9 billion people in 2050?

Besides, many whites I know are so keen of getting sun tans not only in summer, but also in winter. If they do, do they still count?

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@the100thmonkey You make a good point. Yes, the modern Japanese are descended from Chinese, Koreans and other Asian races. However, it has been several hundred years since the descendants of modern Japanese came to Japan and basically kicked the native peoples (the Ainu) out of the main island. Also, the culture itself was basically cut off from the rest of the world (except mainly China) for quite a long time, and they never seemed to like Westerners much from the start. Still, anyone who isn’t “purely Japanese” is kind of looked down upon as a “gaijin” (foreigner). Even today, there are several restaurants and other establishments that bar foreigners.

The Japanese tend to be very stubborn and particular about their self-image. It took how long for them to apologize for the atrocities they committed at Nanking? Decades? I doubt most proud Japanese would want to admit that their “racial purity” isn’t so pure after all. Not to mention that much of their current culture is adapted from Western society, from their popular music to schoolgirls’ sailor uniforms.

As for whites being the minority in the US… Well, I don’t know how much it will actually change things. Whites will probably still try to maintain their hold on the government, but already more and more “minority” people are being admitted into positions of significant power in our government. Hopefully, though, more people in the United States will have to learn Spanish as well as English. It’s about time Americans were bilingual; practically the rest of the modern world is.

Maybe when hispanics outnumber whites in this country people won’t listen to Shakira in English anymore. Her Spanish songs are so much better…

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@mattbrowne How about this one. Does sex feel better in the morning or at night?

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It’s inevitable. It’s also inevitable than “pure” races will disappear. It’s a small world!

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1) whites are going to be the minority against what?

All non whites? While I am certain that this is actually what they are saying, that is incorrect because all non whites are not one group. They would have to be a minority when compared to a specific non white ethnicity.

2) If it happens, so? I have lived 47 years as an ethnic minority, a member of a very small one, and am still alive and generally not too crazy.

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There are more important things than appearance to fight over.

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We won’t have to wait until 2050.


As long as there are people around, it’s all good ! lol

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In my house, Caucasian is the majority. In my neighbor’s house, African American is. It’s a good neighborhood I live in.

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I am a bit concerned about my culture being destroyed, though that’s a sociological phenomenon, related only by the correlation between race and ethnicity.

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I thought that it happened around 2000. I really couldn’t care any less, but neither do any of my friends. I live in the surburbs, and there are actually more non-whites (African-Americans mostly) than whites. It really doesn’t seem to impact most of our day to day lives, but in the area to the West it is much more tense. Economically it is more poor there also. I don’t think that the income of the population determines it’s behavior, because the crime rates for whites and non-whites seem to be similar.

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